A strange dream!

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Yesterday I had a strange dream which woke me up! It was scary! Recently I rescheduled my daily activities, including sleeping time. I am following the early rise & sleep routine. Sometimes it becomes very much dull for me to maintain the same routine again & again. Also, I want to wake up early in the morning. That's how I have the whole day for my study & doing other stuff. In the morning, when all the living things are sleeping, it's a perfect time to study or concentrate on something that you love to do. Our brain gains its energy back, becomes entirely focused after 4-5 hours of rest.

Yesterday, as usual, I went to bed early. I played music on youtube & was checking my stuff on my mobile. When I fall into a deep sleep, I don't remember. Then something strange happened. I saw I was walking in a bamboo garden in the evening. People were screaming at me, saying, come back! Come back!. But a strong force was stopping me; instead of going back, I move towards that strong force. Then a strong voice came from that bamboo garden asking me to give him my soul or something more valuable than my life. I denied giving anything to him. Your life is no longer yours; it is mine; with a sarcastic smile, that scary voice replied.

What happened then? I don't have any idea about it. When I opened my eyes, I saw my mother sitting beside me; I asked her what happened to me, how I came home from that bamboo garden? My mother told me that some people brought me home; they found me near that bamboo garden. My whole body was in pain, she told me to rest, and everything will be fine.

On that night, when I went to sleep, at midnight again, I heard that strong voice, immediately I opened my eyes, what I saw I couldn't explain. A scary face was laughing at me. I could only see his face with a small flame glowing around that face. I was trying to call my mother, but I couldn't. I was shouting, but no sound was coming from my mouth. Cring! Cring! the bell rang. I woke up & saw nothing. I looked at the wall clock; it was 6:30 am. There was a pin drop silence as I tried to find out the meaning of this strange dream.

In my childhood, I used to play in front of that bamboo garden with my friends. I had a lot of memories there. But now there are no bamboo gardens there, all gone. People built new houses there, last time when I was there I saw a few mango trees where some kids were playing. That's all I can remember. Still have no idea about this strange dream. Maybe it was the

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আমাদের জীবন থেকে ভয়াবহ অভিজ্ঞতাগুলো আলাদা করার উপায় আবিষ্কারের জন্য চিৎকার করাই হচ্ছে দুঃস্বপ্ন। মাঝে মাঝে দুঃস্বপ্ন দেখাটা অস্বাভাবিক কিছু নয়। ভালো লিখেছেন, ধন্যবাদ আপনার অভিজ্ঞতা শেয়ার করার জন্য। শুভ কামনা রইল।

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