Trade mania - My best investment and my biggest mistake in crypto trading this year

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Big thanks to the bdcommunity for hosting such an amazing contest that enables traders to share their best and sad moment in their trading expenditure, i first saw this contest announcement in one of the crypto trading server i am in discord before @bhattg also nominated me to participate in it... Incase any one else also feel interested in participating, here is a link....


Even tho i have been dealing with crypto since 2017 but i was never a certified trader until this year, i have just been selling my coins in group where there are buyer for it not until 2020 when aniky3reasure held a class and taught us how to convert our hive to naira on binance and also withdraw it to our bank.. I started picking more interest in trading since then and i will always convert my hive by myself until this year when the real trading began!

My best investment this year so far was pancake, i wanted to divert my funds to somewhere else and i dmed a friend of mine @donefezy to guide me more on trading coins but he gave me another advice that yielded a lot of profit in very short time, he said i should invest in cake, buy cake and stake it to earn more cake, as at that time, one cake was selling at $0.9,. i had 1000 hive i was willing to invest so i poured it all on yummy cake and bought 137 cake which i stake immediately....


Surprisingly, three days later the price of cake spiked to $1.5 which already gives me a profit apart from the dividend i also get from staking the coin and it was barely upto a month when the price of cake shoot up to 7 dollars, i made 6x what i invested on the project and that really motivated me and made me more interested in crypto trading...

Along the line i got an airdrop of 100 twt which i dumped at a very low price, that is my biggest mistake in crypto trading this year as i later had to buy back the coin at double the amount i sold it which i didn't regret tho as once again am in profit as the coin price shoot up more and i have recovered the money i use to buy the one i dumped, now i am using my twt to farm tokens on beefy finance..

Now earning juld with my twt, i hope twt can touch 5 usd before the year ends..

I also invested in bake when it was 0.1 and surprisingly too the price shoot up 3x from the amount i bought it and yea makes me in profit and i also stake it to earn more bake in the long run..

I started trading coins on the binance exchange too by buying the dip and wait for it to spike, it has been going well until recently when the market becomes so reddish, my crypto bag is dipping so bad and i hope the bear won't empty my wallet lol but it is what it is, that is the fun in the crypto world, it is unpredictable and anything is possible, but whatever happens, we must take full responsibility of our actions that is why it is always adviced that we should only put in money we can afford to lose!!

I would love to nominate @xabi to participate in this contest...



Very nice!

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That's really greats sir, I have never heard of this things before. You are really a good investor indeed.
Keep earning sir ❤️🍻🙏

thanks my man, i made my entry...

New coins are born everyday. I guess someday evwrybody will have their own coin.

who will buy whose coins if everyone owns a coin, so that is not possible lol, but yea many are into making their own coins...

Yes 😂 even dog and bread now havw coins.

Best trader in the world 🚀

king of juld

Baker Bird, good trader now

lol thanks momma

And you sold all your cake? 😂


Do you know how to put Cake-BNB together in a LP?

yea i am still still pained as it doubles the price i sold at, probably because i never check the chart nor do i know how to read it....