Practice is very important to improve yourself.

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I did very little watercolor painting before the current epidemic started.Honestly, I couldn't do a good job in university was closed due to the epidemic.So I set a goal.I have to use this time.I tried to do one thing every day.
Now I realize that I have a lot of improved than,Practice is very important to improve yourself.This is actually the case with everything.

about the painting
It is a beach landscape.l am useing watercolour on paper. Here I have tried to paint as I like.It's a simple work.

Many of us paint the river or the sea in blue.But if you look a little better, you will understand There are many types of colors.

👆The first step is to do the second step after drying

if you enjoy my work. you can find it on others sites


I love it, beautiful artwork

thanks a lot 😊😊😊 toyl

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thank you bdc ❤❤❤

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thank you ❤❤❤

I think you did a great job using watercolors. I have followed you on instagram.

l saw it. your like all my post.
thank you artistblend.
it my pleasure

Very beautifully done! Indeed, practice is very important to self improvement, and never be afraid to try something. Every mistake is a lesson learned! Cheers for sharing 👌

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yeah l don't be afraid of practice.

Every mistake is a lesson learned.

Through this something new can be learned.
thank you zacknorman 😊 tnx for your suggestion.

Keep it up with the great artwork, mate. Cheers, and have a great day :-D

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অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ ভাই।
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