Painting gives peace of mind

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Due to the current epidemic, I have to stay at home for a long time.
Currently spending some time with my depression.But I think painting is the only way to overcome my depression.A lot of the time it calms my mind.

I have a lot of time on my hands now.So my purpose is to use the time.Time is very valuable and we should use it.
Now I am working in some traditional media like watercolour,pencil but in the future I want to start digital art.
about the painting
this is landscape painting.Where the predominance of land is given more.The focus point here is on the girl.You can see more in the Color contrast here.This is where the yellow and orange colors give a very warm feeling.And the purple and blue colors are giving a cool feeling.All in all, make it a sunny day.
👆I like this part of the painting very much.A color contrast has been created here.You can see the shadows which will give you a good feeling
l am useing watercolour on paper.

if you enjoy my art can find it in others sites.



@tipu curate :)

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thanks for your support. ☺☺☺


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your paintings.


welcome slackerman. ☺☺☺
it's my pleasure.

Wow brother.nice to see your work..

i am happy for that.
thanks bro

Hello @artistparthoroy,

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so sorry about that.
it was my mistake.
i will be careful in the future.

Wow, I immediately immersed myself in the girl's story. It caused me a lot of sadness and despair. She's kind of waiting for something that doesn't quite come.

This beautiful painting is definitely a clear reflection of your emotions right now, as you say in your publication.

Congratulations, you have a great talent that you must not lose. Keep it up, works like yours should be rewarded.

Simply beautiful!

From now on, you have a new follower and admirer!

Thanks for understanding the girl's character.
I meant something like that.
You explained much better.

I think the colors inside the picture express my emotions.

thanks for your compliment. I will always try to do something new.I hope you will enjoy my work in the future.

Great painting :) I love the style and yes Painting is food for the soul :)

thanks a lot.
I like your sentence
"food for the soul"

Thank you for sharing this painting, I love that it represents being on the outside, however it is from looking from the inside, Is this an expression of getting out, stepping into a world we have not been a part of for some time.

Nice painting, keep up the good work :)

well said.
l think so. Seen from the inside, a shadow has been created.
As a result, the eye is pulling outwards.
Thanks for your encouragement.

Keep on painting it, it looks great. I am not a painter. I have tried it before not great at it. I do like what I see in your painting.

Thanks for your encouragement.☺☺☺
i am happy for that.
Success comes from trying.I believe you can too if you try.

Wow! Excellent painting bro....

ধন্যবাদ ভাই ☺☺☺

What an Aesthetic picture bro! Pls keep it up

thanks for your compliment bro. ☺☺☺
apnr lekha valo lage amr.
apnar lekha pora hoini ankdin.
portey hbe.

Thank you bhai, It's my pleasure that you likr my works.I'm humble to u bro.

এত ভাল কিভাবে এখন ভাই.. আপনাকে দেখে খুব হিংসা হয়।

আপনি চেষ্টা করেন আপনিও পারবেন।

আমার এসব আসে না.. এই অসীম প্রতিভা আমার নেই.. তবে আমিও আঁকতে পারি.. শব্দের তুলিতে ছন্দের আলপনা আঁকি

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good watercolor