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RE: Studying Another Artist's Style My Way

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My art teachers would have loved you XD they were really big on copying/studying other people's styles (usually old masters because it was a fine arts class) to develop your own.

and I was a terrible student because I just went and did my own thing anyway

Small details tend to be one of those things that you have to not worry about other people seeing or not (if you're not specifically showing them off) as it's the kind of thing that they would notice the absence of without necessarily knowing what's wrong :) As for taking pictures of pictures that can get interesting, just try to make sure you have some brighter and more even lighting (turn on some extra lamps if you need backlighting).


I think your teachers and I would agree with several things but to pursue the purist form of fine arts is not something I m inclined to do. But I get the point, understand the fundamentals or rules then break the norm.

I'm so neurotic with the tiniest details, the minor strokes that make up the whole and looked up it being a sign of an inner obsessive compulsive habit. I had several of those habits leak into my routine that I had trouble purging some just die harder.

I should've taken the photo on daytime and not under fluorescent light. I had grown accustomed to having my blogs lack engagement or anyone even noticing the tiny details of the post. People are busy and can't be bothered so I write to document what I thought to look back on them a few months after. I do consider anyone might come browsing on the posts weeks back just cause, so there is some effort into writing for others to see. Will refrain from doing some parts of my future posts on the spur of the moment.

If it's any consolation all my progblogs are done at night (usually well after I should be in bed x_x), the only advantage I have is screenies don't have the photograph taken in the dark problem ;D

You poor thing, you sound like me. My sister is constantly NOBODY IS GOING TO NOTICE when she sees me obsessing about something XD (she's right, but I'll notice and that's what's important ;D)