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RE: Studying Another Artist's Style My Way

in Hive PH3 months ago (edited)

It has been a while since I drawn something. I really like to practice my lost skills, but I a preoccupied with too many things. I not used to drawing digitally, but I want to learn some. Would you care to suggest a friendly tutorial? Cheers !wine


No tutorial I can think of. It will depend on your goals when you want to draw. There's just drawing for the sake of drawing and drawing with the intention to practice something. When you draw doodles, the neural networks aren't as focused as drawing with a specific goal such as copying a style or seeing the end result prior to beginning and finishing.

It would also depend on what you want to achieve when you draw? I draw on traditional media just to get some idea about how to render the image through muscle memory but I'll still be fiddling with the graphics tab to see if I can replicate the memory. What do you want to draw? semi-realism or anime? or cartooning?

If it is digital, maybe do cartoon or anime style. I am more on abstract or impression, and inking on traditional. I need to rediscover my drawing style then.

Doing digital with a graphics tab is a different set of rules. The transition takes weeks to get used to the tool. But if you're just doing this for a Hobby and have no goals to go semi realism and higher levels of skill beyond flat coloring, then it's far easier to hit goals. Abstract digital art is another world and not an expert on that to make a commentary.