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Today I want you to know that you're not sabotaging yourself. Whenever you feel that you're not following your own plans, don't underestimate yourself, push yourself down, stress, frustrate over it or feel guilty.

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated... I understand.

With so much drama happening all around us, it can be difficult to stay on track.


Let me ask you this:

Have you ever thought about setting a goal for yourself so you wouldn't have to fail again? But then decided not to?

Have you ever quit something that you promised yourself you would do? Even if the end result was something you really wanted?
I did. I'm still doing this but very rarely. I admit it...

Have you set a goal or joined a challenge, then not followed through?
I tell myself I am flexible and change the plan. In fact, sometimes, I just want to take care of my health or enjoy the free time that I have, instead of following a plan I have made.

And if you're doing things this way, you are not alone.

Research shows that 92% of the people who set goals... to accomplish them!

(And some people never set goals to begin with!)

So why do so few people succeed?

Here's what I think: Even when you know what to do, and even if you really want success…

...limiting beliefs about yourself or the world can pull the rug right out from underneath you when you least expect it.

In fact, your behavior and your results are much more powerfully influenced by what you believe unconsciously than by your conscious desires and intentions.

You could be doing this to yourself without even knowing that you're doing it!

Does any of the following sound familiar?

You quit when things get uncomfortable or you have a setback...

You procrastinate ("I'll start tomorrow/Monday/next week")...

Your willpower fails you exactly when you need it most ("I'm too tired to do that today")...

You unconsciously make bad decisions ("It's my birthday. I'll just have one small piece of cake" when you are on a diet and continue eating more and more sweets or "it was a rough day, I deserve a drink" and then comes another and another)...

Even with the best of intentions... with the clearest plans (even if you know exactly what to do and how to do it)… you could still unknowingly be dragging yourself down.

But don't worry, you can take back control!

And when you do, you will have more confidence, joy, freedom and success in all areas of your life.

We all have limiting beliefs. The problem is that we often can’t see them ourselves.

👉 My secret is to do whatever aligns with my energy, with my health, with my money, or with the mood that I have. Yes, my mood is the exact clue of how I am feeling at a certain moment. So, if my energy, my mood, or any of the above tells me to stop following a certain plan, then I will with no remorse. I might continue doing what I wanted to do later or not at all. The important fact is that I always analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the decisions that I am taking. It's called "ecology" in NLP or congruence. I just think my emotional, physical, and mental health is the most important. The rest can be achieved through the same plan I had or making another strategic approach to go through.

You can just find ways to work with yourself, use the proper tools to help you on how to break through the thinking that holds them back from the life you wanted for yourself.

If you are wishing to end the life loops, the cycle of procrastination and falling short of your goals or simply getting unstuck and loving yourself start by identifying the areas you would like to transform, pushing past limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, setting realistic goals, and giving you the tools, practices, and the guidance you need.


Trust me! You can create new beliefs, new habits, and the life you deserve and desire.

Some of my Hive articles will help you with this. Feel free to follow me.

With respect and care,



Interesting topic you've touched upon, procrastination is one's enemy that requires being dealt with immediately before it deals with you.

It's no duality in here. We are our own best friends or our worst enemies. But both sides belong to the same embodiment. It's just a matter of decision-making based on priorities, moods, energy, health, motivation or lack of it, and so on...
I know people who did nothing until their 50s and then achieved so much just because they allowed themselves the time to test life in their different aspects and know exactly how they want to live it by then and started acting towards their dreams.
I am ok with procrastination because people have the chance to wake up and move. Life will eventually push them. I am a bit worried about people that push themselves too much because I had been there and couldn't stop...that fire...I felt guilty for any moment of peace or relaxation because I thought I was not being productive. Now I can say I have built balance.

Thank you so much for coming by and reading and offering your perspective. Hugggs!

Stop sabotaging to ourselves it's definitely a big deal :')

It's a TOTE, in fact. What we do it TEST-OPERATE-TEST-EXIT, we keep testing the best decisions for ourselves. It might seem like we are self-sabotaging, but here it is === we're just making the right choices each moment for ourselves. Each choice stands for a certain moment and when we decide to do something is because more than 51% us trust that we're doing the right thing. So, it might be just allowing ourselves to do other things than what we initially wanted, but that is because our subconscious mind or maybe even the conscient one tells us that we need to do something else in that specific moment. There is only feedback that we offer to ourselves.

Thanks for your answer , I think I've never seen it before I mean I always tended to feel guilty for my decisions in the past and I've struggled with those memories for years, what u are saying helps a lot to understand that what I did in the past answered to what I thought would be right for those moments and stop feeling guilty it's a breath of oxygen to my mind.

If you can be gentle with yourself and take it easier, that will help you so much. Putting almost no pressure on making yourself feel guilty about past or future moments. Everything that you do is the best decision at that moment. This is a #selflove step that you can take towards yourself. Your timeline encompasses who you are. Why not encompass acceptance in it and get rid of that toxic guilt?
I am lad my article help you.
Thank you for coming by and commenting on it.
I hope to see you around more. Feel free to follow me if you like it.

I'll try harder to feel better and less worried about the past and the future , again thanks to u for your writing , I'm already following u btw I'm new here in hive :) keep writing and see u soon

That time of worrying can be used effectively just to make a risk assessment for future plans, a simple ecology and see how congruent you are with future decisions that you are about to take, and detox from past guilt, shame, trauma.

You can:

  • be good to yourself for yourself
  • make this life a gift to yourself