The Llama Expedition With Pixie | Wednesday Wackiness

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Today, I talk about an experience I will NEVER forget when I was working at an old job. Graveyard shift can bring some funny things along the years, but this is something that topped them all.

It all started with a llama….

Enjoy a good laugh as I recount this story & maybe it will inspire you to save a llama today!

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OKay... I thought that you are working in a hotel... for humans... Not like a hotel for animals... lol...

Maybe there is a ZOO near down the street so the guy has missed the address?

Poor llama, in the winter on the street... 😞

HA HA HA! I told you it was a crazy story!

Yes, I worked at a hotel for HUMANS, but apparently some guests thought differently. We even had a guest that brought a goldfish one time & the guests in the room next to them complained how noisy the fish was. Like what????

So, yeah, it takes many different types to make this world go round. The zoo was probably better off without this llama drama lol.

I am sure the llama survived & cuddled the guy to keep him me the warm fuzzies.

Thanks so much for watching! I am glad you got a laugh out of this. LOL 😂

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Nice like always, keep up the theme :) fifteen years that shows consistency!

LOL Yes I was there for quite some time. It was definitely a journey. Being in the hotel industry for about 20 years blows my mind. Now it's on to other endeavors ;)

Thanks so much for watching. I am glad you are enjoying the videos! :) 💚