Mindful Mondays | Ep 10 Crossroads To Happiness

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2020 has been a very defining year as well as a challenging start of the new decade. So many things have changed; old systems falling away, new energy coming in. Unfortunately, for some, there’s a lot of uncertainty & struggling while others are gaining more clarity.

This weekend, I was presented with a decision that I have to make that will change the direction of my life. It’s not one I take lightly but it’s necessary.

As I talk about this decision, the subject of personal happiness comes up & in it becomes a lesson for all of us.

Check out the video here & see what your happiness is.

Remember, only you can determine your own joy.
No one can do it for you. 💜

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Action is magical!

Bang on. Like attracts like and when you are doing something you love, things will start to 'click' for ya!

Good on ya, as long as you can take care of your self it'll allow you to focus 100% on what you are trying to build....You got this Jenn!

Amen! It really is magical.

This was the time to take the leap. I have waited for so long but this time is as good as it will ever get. Sometimes you need to take that leap of faith (& yes, I have my bases covered 😉 ). This is my passion. So do what you love. Do what brings you joy & everything will fall in place as we go.

I am excited for this new adventure & know more opportunities are coming. As I told Zoltan, I am so glad you all are on the journey with me. 💜

I think that something good will come out of all this! And I know that you weren't so thrilled about that job anyways...

It will open your mind for new ideas and possibilities... You will see... ;)

I believe it will, too :) This has been a long time coming. I just needed the Universe's extra push to put things into action.

That is, as you said, when magical things happen & new ideas and possibilities come through! :)

Glad you're all on the journey with me! 💙

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