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We can believe in this plandemic or not... We can think that big boys are lying to us all the time and that MSM is spreading fake news all the time... Or we can just blindly follow everything that is served on our plate...

But one thing is sure... We are living in uncertain times and we literally can't know if tomorrow we will be free people or imprisoned... That doesn't help with anything you try to do during your workday... It is a problem to concentrate and do your job with 100% focus...

Even before all this craziness, I had that problem myself... When I have run my business, and when I would hit some big obstacle, I would think about that day and night... It didn't allow me to sleep until the point that I would resolve the problem... It doesn't matter in what way, positive or negative... just to resolve it...

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to jump out of this "fear-world" in which we are living, so we have to try to find other solutions on how to "bypass the problem" on a personal level... The solution is to try to disconnect from the poisonous system for some time and focus on our work...

I have given my personal experience in coping with this in the video...

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Oh yes, I relate to this on such a deep level. I am a classic multitasker (or I used to be) & when I hit an obstacle, I instantly go into "I want to fix it" mode. Sometimes this can be good & a resolution can come quickly. But other times, not so much. I overthink it & stress myself out, usually not finding any type of solution. I am getting better at not resorting to that now, but I still am in a learning process. :)

Realizing what we can control really helps us to LET GO & stay in the present moment. I believe that's why I am not able to multi task as effectively now. I have to be focused on the task at hand or I become scatter brained & waste more time. So, when I do focus 100% on whatever I am doing, I stay grounded & am present. This also makes it a much more fulfilling experience as well.

The ironic thing is when I do single task, I get more accomplished than I would multitasking anyways! :)

Thanks for a great video, I am sure many will relate to this! Keep up the great content & thank you for being you. :) 💛

Well, you at least, have "tasted" that multitasking feeling... lol... Oh, just remembered that I can do multitasking... Eating snacks and watching a movie... That's my maximum... 🤣

Realizing what we can control really helps us to LET GO & stay in the present moment.

We all know this, but that's sometimes the hardest thing... but disconnecting for some certain period of time is better, than staying in 24/7... At least, you CAN do some work...

Thanks for an awesome comment!

I think that it's a big capacity to be able to "switch off" thinking about a certain problem in order to be operational and efficient in our every day tasks. It's not easy because these problems can eat us up.

Multitasking is also not my strength. I need to focus 100% on the one thing that I'm doing otherwise I just don't get anywhere. One of my employees is multitasking champion and he is doing 3, 4 things at the same time. He is even multitasking when he is speaking with others... I don't how he's doing it. I get just tired watching him :-)

I get just tired watching him :-)

Ahahahaha... That gave me a good laugh... And, I'm the SAME as you regarding multitasking... and as I said in another comment, I really envy sometimes people that CAN do it...

You cannot focus 100% on two things at the same time. It will 70/30, 50/50, 40/60, or any combination. You can increase the performance when you focus 100% on a single thing. When you are done, move on to the next thing.

To be honest, I can't do 70/30, or any other number... I'm or IN, or OUT... lol... But, I know people that can, and I envy them... Sometimes, you don't need to do something with 100%...

But, it's my curse (or blessing) that I can't do it... lol... :)

The pretty normal phenomenon and that drives you to have the problem being resolved. The sigh of relief is awesome when you're done with it. Obstacles are part of life we just need to get over them :)

Yes, you are right... It is a relief when you are done with something... The problem is when it's outside your control (as the whole world is at the moment), and it doesn't go away... Some people don't want to get over with it...

I find that as a major problem today, as people CAN'T move forward under these circumstances... but we have to do it...

Thanks for the comment!

Sometimes I put few problem for time to solve instead of worrying them. After few days I can start afresh or I already get solution by ideas of others.

That's another great idea... "The morning is smarter then evening" :)

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