Hustlers what are you working on??

in HiveHustlers3 months ago

Tokens are being burned!!

I hope you are all hustling to stack those tokens so you do not miss out.

Please share what you are working on both on the hive chain and off. Make a post in the community for us all to see.

I am working on building a city. The last 2 days I have been obsessed with dcity. I still have a ton to learn but I have dropped over 500 hive on dcity cards. You can learn more at

I am really hoping to get one of these cool backgrounds for my city soon.

I think this game has some great potential I hope to share more about my journey with it and the earning potential it has as I learn more.

Good luck everyone! Keep grinding away.


I have tried the game when it started, but I didn't find anything for my "taste"... I wasn't a much Simcity person, and it looked like that kind of game...

On the other side, Splinterlands has taken a lot of my "game time", so it is maybe better for me not playing anything else... lol...

No offense, the game looks slick...

@gerber did an amazing job with this from all the glowing reviews we've heard!

Another win for hive!

Working on making my videos better. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve figured out how make better intros, and find better music.

One piece at at time, but it’s coming together

nice. always improving!! keep it up.

I love the passive investment side of dCity.

Huge fan of what the team are doing with this game.

Yeah it is going to be awesome.

@rawutah thanks for the support as always!!