A Childhood Story About Playing Games - What Do You Think About Playing Games?

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We all have memories of playing games when we were kids. In this video, I shared one of my childhood stories about playing games. I spent a lot of time playing outside when I was a kid. I often forgot to eat when I played. Later, I started playing computer games. I have a little brother. Watching me playing games on the computer, he also started playing games.

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Later I made a decision. You will get to know that in the video. So what do you think about playing games? Is it good or bad? I think if playing games does not hamper what you do, that's good. If it hampers what you do, you need to reconsider it.

If you want to play games but you do not want to spend much time, you can check out dCity. It requires investment to play, you need to buy cards to build your virtual city. But it is not that you have to actively spend time playing the game.

Do you have any childhood stories? Please feel free to share that in the comment section. I'd love to hear from you. Thank you so much for watching the video.

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in our childhood we spent more time playing games outdoors and it was much more healthy and enjoyable.
it's all online now :D

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Now kids spend more time inside playing games on the phone or computer. Parents should encourage them to go outside and play that requires physical movements!

I think playing games can be incorporated into productivity you can make the things you need to get done into a fun sort of game :)

Yes, it is fun to play games. Hre on HIve blockchain, you can also get good returns from games.