Luck and Skills When You Are Learning (Investment and Business)

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When you get something by luck, you are very happy. If you learn something, and you succeed at the beginning due to luck, is it good or bad?


When you win even though it is because of your luck, you build some sort of confidence. You cannot go ahead and do better based on luck. Later when you fail, you lose your confidence. You thought you figured it out, but what happens, that disappoints you. Let's watch this video.

Here I shared my opinions about this. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for watching the video.

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Business er khetre amr academic knowledge besi but about investment ami akhono shiktechi. Ha luck skill both large but research o onk important, ami mone kori luck er cheye ability, skill, knowledge and research besi important...

Academic studies help you get started because you have a strong foundation. Later it comes down to what you focus on and your mindset to learning and getting new skills or get really good at a specific field.