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I don't know why, but I notice the great @theycallmedan initiatives or when they are almost at the end, or when there are "expired"... This time is even worse, he has created an initiative called #HiveComments, and I didn't see it until I watched the vlog from my friend @alokkumar121! And the topic is one of my favorites! Something that I'm talking about for months and trying to bring more awareness between old members, but also educate new Hivians to plug in the community ASAP...

I have just yesterday created a post named Blogging Platform or Social Media Site, where I was talking about the promotion of Hive, and transformation from the blogging platform into the Social media network... From my point of view, the moment when we have made that transformation was when we split our ways between the "old chain" and the Hive was created... The moment when the community got together and "moved on" to the better place was the moment when we were on the PEAK of engagement...

Then the community realized the real power of the people and the real power of interaction between each other... The communities started to collaborate, and I have noticed more and more engagement in general...

As I'm doing my yearly goals and monitoring them regularly, I have noticed that last year I have struggled a lot with the number of followers... That was one of the goals that I didn't accomplish... In January this year, I have been more cautious when I was creating my goals for 2020, and I didn't shoot high with the number of followers...

I have started to consume more content on the Hive, and I have decided to comment on every post that has content on which I can contribute with my experience and knowledge... People become delighted and surprised with the meaningful comments that I would leave on their content... I would usually leave my personal view about a certain topic, or give an opinion that could help to the author... Also, I would show my appreciation for the content and encourage people to create more if the content was good... A couple of times, I have given some constructive critics about the content, or the way how it is presented, and usually, people respect that kind of comment even more!

All that has resulted in that I have already reached the yearly goal that I had about the number of followers! That was just one aspect of my commenting... I'm proud of the number of comments that my content receives almost every time, but also, I'm trying to comment every day on other's posts... Following some numbers, I'm doing around 25-30 comments per day, which I find as a nice amount...

Also, I would like to mention an awesome initiative by Asher (@abh12345), with his weekly Hive Engagement League where he is creating stats of most active people on the chain, by many factors... I have asked to be added to the list, and I'm trying to be every week in the Top 10 and by doing that show on my example how should people respect and appreciate other creators...

Please check the video for more thought about commenting on Hive!

Thank you for your valuable time,


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Exactly, engage in the discussion that the poster has created. why else would peple post anything. the more engagement in the discussion the further the discussion goes.
I guess on centralised platforms the discussion is always one sided and not much real engagement happens, people want to stay anonymous and therefore wont respond, except for a thumbs up or emoji.
Also in real life, people dont often engage with strangers, its a nod of the head, and acnowledgement of existence and thats it.
When people engage in the discussion then rowth can happen, and the more people engage the more they will want to engage

I think that we had a lot of discussions on this topic, and more-less we always come to a similar answer... In this superficial world, people are losing the feel (or need, or I don't know how to say it right) for a healthy discussion... And I don't want to go deeper into discussion about our youngsters... that doesn't know to communicate with each other, and with some adults is even worse the case... lol...

I don't know how it looks in other countries, but I'm very mad about the education system here in Spain... Maybe it's just in the school where my son goes, but reading books about Twitter and "popular" stuff is good, but not that good that it makes 99% of literature that they read...

Where are Ernest Hemingway, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, etc?

we sound like old farts, but I agree Literature is changing, the way of learning is changing, what our jobs, with the younger generation, is to help facilitate better avenues for communication in the world, get them fired up about topics, demonstrate to them the subjective and objective importance of having an opinion, without a notion of entitlement.
In My Humble opinion 🙂

I have just created a post about the DAPP engage for those that do not have a means of knowing who has commented.

The discussion about generational enaggement has been ongoing, even our parents and their parents before them despaired at the chaniging face of communication

we sound like old farts,

Yes, I agree that I'm turning into one... lol... but... :)

I understand that literature, art changes, but still... There are some masterpieces that have value in ANY time, and everyone should read them...
That doesn't mean that I ignore all new stuff, but what I see in my son's school is just forcing one side (new age thing) story and keep on working on the same things over and over again...

I digress... lol... will finish my old-fart-rant here... lol.. )

lol, and the music these days , and what on earth are they weraing etc etc etc. at least we stay up to date with technology, do they still cal it that ???

BOOM Zoltan @ph1102 nailed it with this vlog bro we should all try harder to engage cause that's what community is all about

Exactly... A community without engagement isn't a community... Interaction, relations, the discussion makes it that...

Thanks for the comment, Ben!

Your welcome Zoltan @ph1102 keep up the great work love your posts bro have an awesome week ahead my friend

You are right, commenting is what keeps us together, it makes us know each other better, it makes us value the work of others, it makes us know about other cultures.

Thank you for showing us in a video your point of view, it also makes the interaction more direct and flexible, seeing you even I got tired along with you while you were walking, hahaha.

Thank you very much for participating in our initiative, I hope to see good comments from you again soon.

Por aquí pasó | El Comentador |

Thanks for your kind words! I truly believe in everything that I said in the video, and I'm trying to do it here on the chain... Trying to "educate" people that is "nice to be nice"... :) And adding a short comment doesn't cost a lot of time, but it can change a lot for someone... Not just the author, but also the commenter, or someone else who reads them...

seeing you even I got tired along with you while you were walking, hahaha.

Oh, I hear you there... I hate to go uphill, and I don't like it... Almost died delivering the message... 🤣 🤣

Commenting really helps but consume lot of time too.
I am also liking Discord interaction also which is informal but effective.

I would have to disagree with that... How much time did you spend to write this comment? :) If you have already spent the time to consume some content (5+ min), then spending an additional 1 minute to write a comment shouldn't be a big deal... :)

Yes, it can be more than 1 min, I agree, but still... it doesn't cost that much time, and it pays off in a long term 100%


Me. fearful to make a move. Me. still finding myself. LOL me old am going to reblog.

Thanks for the comment and I appreciate your re-blog! There is no need to be scared... :)

Great post, this would help lots of people. I am goint=g to repost.

Thank you, Bob! I hope it will help someone to realize what's the real value here...

And I am lacking in my engagement. Trying harder all the time. Great job my friend 👍

It's all about the effort and helping others on the journey... Thanks for the comment!

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