Put A Little Thought Into Your Comments.

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In today's video I talk about what kind of thought do you put into your comments.

Today is day #163 of the I Am Alive Challenge created by Erik Gustafsson @flaxz
See original post here https://peakd.com/hive-100421/@flaxz/glmrrjya

I found Luke after a quick run around Listopia today. #LukeIsAlive

The benefits for this challenge are well worth the little time it takes to do it. This is why we need more people getting involved with the challenge.

First benefit for finding Luke, you will get daily traffic and exposure for your brand and your pages that you are promoting. Then you get paid for it by posting about it here on the blockchain. There is also a daily and weekly prize drawing for CTP Tokens and CTP does a weekly drawing for completing Scavenger Hunts that pays $10.00.

The more people that get onboard doing the Scavenger Hunts in Click Track Profit, the more value the owners of the programs in the hunt will get for participating. This means more owners will see the benefit of getting involved which means you will get even more exposure.







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I am alive challenge day 90 - Never is late to ride my bike in the highway
@dobro2020 Is alive and well and out riding his bike.




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I have done yesterday a post about the value in the posts, and you have pointed out the importance of the value in the comments, also! As I upvote all comments on my posts with my CTP account, I have noticed that a lot of people abuse that by doing exactly what you said...

Writing stuff like "great job", "nice", etc... and it's obvious that they didn't even read/watch the content... It's a pity that some people don't use this platform for real conversation and engagement... Losing a lot of fun and valuable feedback from others...

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Thanks for the featuring it.

LOL! I couldn't agree with you more, Mike. Sometimes I get excited about some of my posts because I think I am getting real engagement. Then I look and all it is Holybread and bots. Not that I will turn down upvotes and bonuses but I prefer good comments to discuss topics with others. I use this as a measure of whether my content is resonating with others, or even if it is just interesting. If there is no feedback, then it is hard to know which direction to go in (even though it's topics I enjoy). Providing value is my main objective.

I hope you got some sleep. I know you have been super busy! Sending you extra pixie dust to help you stay energized he he. :) 💚

Absolutely if you do not contribute in your comments that show you're not getting any value from the posts you commenting and why is that being so, because you don't like going through the post at all :) people are too lazy these days, might be, who knows
Value matters!

Nice video and great point there Mike, meaningful engagement does take a bit of time, but if it does not mean anything why engage in the first place.

It's with quality engagement that we build relationships and networks, and that is what will keep us and them growing and what will last.

What is also interesting is that it's the people that don't engage much that are screaming about the bad engagement that Hive has, if you want engagement, then engage, it will come back, maybe even to bite lol.

Keep up your good work, and get some good sleep.

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