I'm Still On The Hunt For Rising Star Card S20 Father Time.

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I have 12 more Rising Star card packs to open trying to find the S20 Father Time card.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 224158.jpg

In today's video I open another 12 card packs. I am still trying to find the S20 Father Time card so I am able to do the Summer Solstice Festival special mission and see if I can find the S21 and S22 limited instrument cards. Check out the video to see if I had any luck or not or if I will be buying more card packs again. lol

Screenshot 2021-06-09 134406.jpg

Screenshot 2021-03-31 004737.jpg

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Boom! You should have the two instruments in no time now... it feels good, doesn't it? I got impatient and bought one, but I've since found another. Best of luck on your Special Missions, bro! :)

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Thanks, and yes it does feel good. I will post again when I have both of the instruments, already have one, now one to go.

I was unlucky with "special mission" Last Christmas, look like easy to buy the card from market , when Hype die down.

I wasn't playing back at Christmas, but I did do the Easter missions and got all 3 of those special mission cards.

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