The Cross Canada Adventures of Jongo - Day 1

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Leaving my family behind was...Tough! Emotional isn't even the word to describe it...

But we left out on our adventure and quickly got through the province of Alberta and deep into Saskatchewan.

Last night's stop....Saskatoon.

My old stomping grounds from a decade ago....

Let's see where we end up tomorrow!

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Hahah that is great you have your sidekick/son with you. The way you both engage with each other is awesome lol.

You're off to a good start in beautiful Saskatchewan. I wonder if that horse you guys saw was really a Unicorn in disguise 😉

Bee safe, have fun & can't wait for more Jongo Adventures! 🙌💗

LOL Running joke so far...My kid saw a cow, called it a horse...So now every time I see either, I make sure he knows exactly what it is lol Poor kid.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Awesome & you know we will hear about it!! 🤣🤣🤣

Driving is fun. we (3 friends) drove 1000 miles in 16 hours non stop, (from 4 pm in evening till 8 am in morning)

We just did 15 hours today :)

I love it!

Thank you for bringing us to the adventure! It reminds a time when I was little me and my parents went on a road trip through Europe by car! It was recorded a tape! Hope that tape is still good at least to try convert it on PC to save the memories!

Safe travels and looking forward for the next video :)

Yeah I'm trying my best to capture as much as I can....But it's tough while driving LOL

hahhaha... this was a fun video... Give us more in the next days... I said it to you a couple of months ago, your son will steal your show! :)

Have fun guys, and Bon Voyage!

Yup, uploading day 2 right now!

Thanks man

Road trips are fun. Enjoy your time with your son. May God put angels of protection around your vehicle.


Thank you sir, I appreciated that!

Enjoyed your video of your trip,stay safe.

Thanks Sheila :)

What an awesome road trip and father and son bonding time. I have only ever been to Toronto and through Windsor. Yeah Niagara Falls! Touristy stuff.

Oh this country is insanely big...And not much 'civilization' in between the major centers...I'm in Northern Ontario right now...Which is quite the journey in itself

I've only ever been through Windsor and Niagara Falls and the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford. I remember a road trip with some friends when I was in the Navy. We drove here to Wisconsin from Washington State near Seattle. 2 days straight in the car but I never thought we would get out of Montana. OMG Boring! Glad you had a nice visit with your son and a😀 safe trip

Good luck with much Blessing for your remainder of the trip , JonGo !

Thanks very much! Appreciate that sir!

Stay safe and good luck

Thank you very much!

Are you logging how many km/mile you drive every day?

Safe travels.

We did 500km the first day....Over 1100 today!

Great trip with your son Jon, and just saw that he did not know the difference between a cow and a horse, I am sure you will let him know for a long time ahead lol, and stay safe on the Road To Newfoundland.

Catching up with your road trip videos. Now I miss traveling.. With my daughter as my sidekick 🤣😂 have fun guys!

When you announced you'd be moving I wanted to ask for mouse-hole in the suitcase :) So glad you share the road-trip with us and I hope you enjoy it... But how on earth could you focus on the flatness when the sky was so... alive !? Looking forward to the sequel...

One day I'll get to Canada but until then, I'm going to be the armchair tourist through you guys and have a laugh!
Still laughing about your comment 'where you can watch your dog run away for 3 days' Hilarious!
Lucky you're seeing green though- so much easier on the eyes than scorching red (flat, flat, flat) desert AKA the Nullarbor Plain....
Look out for a guy driving around in an old Ambulance- Mike AKA Balloondog- the 2 of you together...OMG.......Netflix would be jumping on that!
Thanks so much, I look forward to more.
Travel safe.