Thursday Night Live - Let's G.R.O.W.!

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What a week!

This has been one of the best week's I've had in a long time...Just so fired up with everything going on, especially with the 1 year celebration @clicktrackprofit

Tonight was extra special...We shared some amazing tidbits from an awesome book I just finished reading (and will be doing a book review tomorrow for it as well!!)

I hope you enjoy the webinar and thanks so much for watching!

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Great show and gotta love a fantastic Acronym :)

You guys are rocking it with your enthusiasm and integrity

Thanks for being you

It's brilliant right? I thought it was the perfect lesson for sure.

Book review is coming up today :)

Bravo! appreciate the energy! Good to know that the miners are available for 1 Hive, gotta take advantage, thank you.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it...Oh when you love what you do, the energy will always be there :)

Thanks a lot for the recording. Great to see your show and big thanks for the shout-out!

For sure man, great post yesterday...Really enjoyed hearing the reasons why people should be here on Hive...Confirmed my suspicions about this place LOL

I heard about badge for 100 HP in Hpud in video.,where I can find that info?