The Balance between going figure out yourself and ask for real help!

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

This is that moment when I say...


But sometimes I wish that the art of going figure out yourself should be one of the main skills to learn and should be some kind of mandatory requirement.

Because people tend to get lazy especially when we are willing to help and unconsciously or consciously they always come to us for every single thing.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm always glad to feel useful and help, but there are little things as simple as asking Google or Youtube.

Heck, just for you to laugh, a few days ago I searched for how to add eye drops on toddlers! And there was a freaking Wiki with images and all ahaha

On the other hand, there are some ideas that I have but not sure how to implement or I think it is a good idea but I go ask for feedback and after all, maybe wasn't that great but with some advice, I went around and come up with something better!

That's asking for real help!

I do salute you for taking actions and initiatives, but don't go out there all in without a proper plan!

Do your own search, come up with a plan and show it to someone who you trust and believe in their experience, and see if it sticks a little!

Enjoy the video!

Happy Thursday!

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Thanks for a great video @elianaicgomes, and thanks for sharing about how you grew up and figured things out yourself, and also for the advice to ask for help when we need it, and the balance between them, or dancing the line, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thank you! Grateful to have a stubborn Dad 🤣🖖

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I always try to figure things out first then later I ask for help, information if needed. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with us, I can relate to everything...

I am very practical today probably because of that. Adapt to what I have at my disposal and work with it, searching for more info about it and just asking for help if really needed. Feels good to have a kind of independence and pride when you can do it on your own! But at the same time don't feel ashamed to ask for help. People tend to take pride too seriously and say nothing at all and end up failing when they could avoid that by just asking. All of this can be tricky to balance but not impossible!
Thank you for your comment!

Absolutely, completely agree with your thoughts...