CTP BP Weekly Update #12

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

Last week I was so busy with getting things ready for the Epic Fireball Drawing, that I didn't do much inside the program.

However, lots of things happened last week so let's recap:

  • Last Monday was the 1 Year Relaunch Anniversary of @clicktrackprofit! Big shoutout to @jongolson and @blainjones for their amazing job so far!

  • Tornado Traffic, owned by Steven Acherman, @slackerman, celebrated its 3rd Birthday! Cheers for many more! Follow Steven for updates!

  • During the month of July, @pixiepost made us hunt for her Pixie Dust and yesterday she shared the winners and a recap around Hive - https://peakd.com/hive-183630/@pixiepost/pirnsely

  • Daniel Lawson, @djsl82, started the Crypto Surfers event Saturday! Surf 75 pages on each Traffic Exchanges inside the page below and you will get an entry to grab a share of the grand prize of 10000 CTP Tokens!!


And that was about it!

Please watch the video until the end ;)

Have an awesome week!

May the Force of the Fireball be with YOU!


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I know your good intention to disburse all prizes as soon as possible, nevertheless I'd like to request you to extend the Wednesday deadline by another week and send another email reminder to the winners. May be, they are facing some difficulty in opening a Hive a/c. So we should offer all help they need in this regard. Whatever the case may be, I'd like you to extend the deadline a little further.

Thanks a ton!

Thank you for your comment and I understand what you mean. Unfortunately the former winners only logged in once and weeks ago, always offered help myself in every email and not even a response even when I was offering entries just by replying to my emails. If they were really action takers and took this seriously, they would be here sooner or even replying like what you are saying. These things takes momentum and already gave more than a month to this event. I will do the drawing tonight to the ones who really have engaged all this time.
It was my first event, of course there were some fails. I learned and for sure I will host more events of this type in the future :)

Ah, I got it! You've already tried your best. Yes, you better pass the prize money to someone more deserving in such a case. It's quite a strange situation where winners ain't claiming their prizes. Perhaps they don't know the value of CTP tokens. They will probably FOMO in your next events after realizing what they lost 😅.

Unfortunately in the Affiliate Marketing world there will be some people only come follow the next shiny object and if the program doesn't give money right away, they give up right away! It takes time, work hard, and effort and be around every time if you wanna be successful. And eventually and luckily, someone will give away money to boost people ;)
Thank you for your understanding! Doing my best to support everyone and there are times that I have to be impartial and maybe sound a bit harsh but I'm only harsh after trying everything in my power.
If you wanna join the drawing, just say my favorite word 🔥

Yeah, you're right!

Well, today I ain't very optimistic about turning lucky in draws. So I'd like to give it a pass.
If I were lucky, I could have won in the first draw itself. May the others win this one! I'll wait for your next event :)

Good luck to all participants!

You have done a great job with your Fireball Giveaway, but you couldn't predict that there will be people that have no Hive account, and probably have no clue what the CTP tokens are... lol...

It's a bit confusing why they have entered the giveaway in the first place, but it was probably because they saw $$$ sign... lol

Anyways, I think that it's a good idea to split the rewards if winners don't take ACTION, as this all thing is all about the action...

So, in September there will be another giveaway? 50K CTP tokens? :)


Hi Eliana,

I was just enjoying a drink in a local bar after relaxing in a hot spa when I saw your post and hot-footed it back home to see if I could post a comment in time for the second chance Fireball giveaway draw!

Your experience with winners-who-don't-respond resonated with me because I used to run a weekly $25 giveaway for the active members of my SFI downline and once every few weeks there was a non-responder - somebody who qualified for the draw, won the prize, and didn't respond or collect the winnings! That included winners of bigger prize pots too. Crazy!

There were also cases where people did enough to win a prize, then, after they won, they swiftly dropped out as if winning $25 was their only aim.

There were lots of positives, however, that out-weighed the negatives, and I really enjoyed the experience of running regular prize draws that offered prizes of real value, as you have done with the Fireball giveaway.

You did a great job seeing it through to the end and doing your first LIVE draw. That takes some guts.

First of all, I want to thank you , Eliana, for giving everyone an opportunity to win CTP tokens in your Fireball Giveaway. You are always willing to help others get ahead and it is appreciated by us "little guys".

Secondly, I think it is a shame that some of the prizes went uncollected. I guess there will always be people that drop their business card in the fishbowl, but don't check their email to see if they one a prize.

Finally, thanks for the instruction you provide in CTP Blueprint.

Love your recaps, @elianaicgomes! This is such an active and awesome community. Had fun being a part of your contest. We all have the Force of the Fireball!

Good Job
Thanks for the Updates :) :)

Congrats Eliana for being a great content creator and a great website owner. You are a supportive member of the community and in essence the instigator of the FireBall being used as far as the CTP Swarm and HIVE shopping goes.

Keep up the good work

Good Job
Thanks for the Updates :) :)

I am sure you are already planning the next fireball event?
Can I book in advance some raffle tickets for the next show? :-)
Anyways, congrats to all the winners.
Eliana, the event was great.

Thanks for the update, it was a great contest. Even though there were a few problems the other night with have to start 3 times it went pretty well. These things happen when you are trying to do live broadcasts like that sometimes. It's unfortunate about the 4 winners, I hope they show up it would be a good boost for them getting started. But if not may the best Fireballer win.

Aw thanks so much, girl! :) Yeah that video wore me out!! 🤣🤣 What was I thinking? ha ha ha. But I am glad to do it since it helps people.

Congratulations to all the winners in the Fireball Giveaway. That was a pretty huge event & it was nice to see a lot of people participate in it! 😊

Thanks so much for being a part of the Hunt. Stay tuned for new things in the future. Let's keep pushing on and thriving on Hive! Love ya Sis 😊💜

As I said before, the fireball giveaway was a blast, and you did a good job, despite the technical problems.
You don't have to be stressed out just be yourself, because you have a personality that works very well on video.

I also want to again congratulate everyone who won a prize at the fireball event.

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I must confess I wasn't much of an action taker lately... which does not mean I wasn't here :) I've been following you -and been quite a fan of what you're doing-eversince I joined CTP. From the "Stick to Yourself" little videos in the Gauntlet to the Fireball Giveaway I was on your trail and enjoying every minute.
Now doing this on silent mode while the master word in the CTP world is engagement might look like a pretty bad idea and I have no excuses ... but a good one : things started working better for me with a business I had started a while back but which seemed to have come to a stop... which made me join CTP :) thinking I'd find out what I was doing wrong.
So my good excuse is that I decided to focus on what started working to make it work even better !... and learning from CTP and from great people like you, Eliana, is still part of my plan. Just needs to be given a routine seat in my daily habits :)
Do silent learners count as action takers ? :)... Hope so, because I'm not about to make a block-buster on content creation.:)
Got the tools, even some ideas... but the page is still blank...
blank page.jpg

Congrats to all the winners. Unfortunately there are always those tire kickers that show up once and never again. Not your problem. Great job.