WordPress and HivePay are now LIVE on CTP Blueprint!

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

Welcome to the latest CTP Blueprint Weekly Update!

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Is still a work in progress, but you can check it out anyway! My goal is to bring more exposure to CTP Blueprint to the world, as well as archive the previous Weekly updates and maybe other Affiliate Marketing related posts there! The @exxp plugin is still not working properly for me but hopefully, I get it fixed soon!
I want also to promote the @ctpsb account somewhere on the sidebar to bring some awareness to the CTP Swarm Booster and its benefits! You can check the latest update here: https://ctptalk.com/hive-119826/@ctpsb/kxhrlplw
Don't forget to keep the content creation flowing to get cool upvotes!!

  • This week's Video for the Video Membership is titled: Embrace the Change!
    I have a Face to Face section where I add raw and uncut videos with myself talking face to face, giving the Videos Section more of a personal touch besides having walkthroughs and tutorials.

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I did mention that the last Thursday Night Live was on @clicktrackprofit's account, but it's on @jongolson's account, so here's the recording: https://ctptalk.com/hive-119826/@jongolson/pcnrsqoc

  • You can now purchase the Guide with HivePay! The first-ever copy and paste solution to easily accept Hive, HBD, AND virtually every Hive Engine token for your products and services, including CTP Tokens!

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HivePay is getting better and better! You can check the latest updates in detail here: https://ctptalk.com/hive-119826/@jongolson/hivepay-io-big-news-and-development

At the moment HivePay can be used for one-time purchases, so you can purchase the Guide, while the Video membership as a monthly subscription can be purchased with Firepay. At the moment I accept HIVE, HBD, LEO from @leofinance, DEC from @splinterlands, and SIM from @dcitygame but feel free to ask for any other token that I'm not aware of that would be nice to have it there!

Thank you again, @blainjones for all the hard techy work, and @jongolson for promoting and dancing!

And that's about it!

CTP Blueprint is now 6 months old!!

Time is running with the wind!

Thank you so so much for the support!

We are at the moment almost 300 Members! Very far away from the 1000 that I planned at the beginning but I do prefer slow and steady and give quality attention!

As a treat, I have turned on Special Offers to the Guide and Video Membership - 25% Discount!
Please consider getting them if you haven't already! I'm always updating and improving the Guide, as well as adding a new video every single week!

I will be posting a little contest to symbolize this day pretty soon so stay tuned!!!

Still asking my fellow members for testimonials! I will give you a treat!


Inspired by @jongolson, I will add a beneficiary to these weekly posts as a highlight to my members!

Because this post is on 3Speak the beneficiary feature is not working, but I will do it manually!

25% of HIVE PLUS 100% of CTP Tokens!!

So for this week, the highlight is Mister Engagement, Zoltan! @ph1102

Don't forget to Like @clicktrackprofit's Facebook page, as well the CTP Blueprint Page to get notified by the webinars coming live!



Have an awesome week!

May the Force of the Fireball be with YOU!

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hivepay looks cool, but it still seems complicated and not intuitive?

maybe i am just too much of a layman? either way, i look forward to exploring it further/perhaps try to setup a little shop

Can be a little tricky when it's brand new and a bit unknown. The project just started and it's in constant improvement by the day! And the main objective is to keep things as simple as possible! There is a Discord Channel if you want to get more support and watch for updates closely - https://discord.gg/CPS9wd4WuK
Thank you so much for your comment!

idon't discord, i really wish there was away to integrate or emulate with hive because everyone always links to some discord thing i seemingly can't read without an app!

i know I'm probably just too behind the times. ...

Guess is time to embrace the changes 😁
Discord can be used either phone or on the desktop. But can be an acquired taste in fact..For now, that is the quickest way to give support but can always follow @jongolson and @clicktrackprofit here on Hive for updates :)

Thanks for the highlight! Appreciate it!

Almost 300 members is a nice number for the program old only 6 months! Congrats!

Thank you so much! Just a little treat as thank you for the support :)

Look like CTP BP is progressing nicely. Hivepay is giving more power to its user.

Thank you! Feels good to read that!
I love Fireshopping but SwarmShopping is even better!!
Thanks for commenting :)

Well, unfortunately, I couldn't watch the video since apparently 3speak is having issues! Hopefully it will be back up soon....:)

BUT I did want to congratulate you on 6 months! That is a great milestone, Sis, & I hope the next 6 are even better. Hive Pay is definitely a great addition, too :)

Love ya! 😊💚

Weird...You are not the first one coming to me having those issues. Here I can watch them with no problems so not sure the reason. Ninja kick it!! lol

Thank you so much, Sis! It's been quite an adventure!

Love ya too 💜

We are at the moment almost 300 Members!

Very interesting.

I would guess this makes CTP one of the largest tribes, at least with truly active users.

Something to be very proud about.

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I believe the tribe has many more members than my program, as well as the main Click Track Profit program. Then again CTP has more than 10 years old and more than a year of relaunch and the tribe creation! CTP Blueprint is basically a guide to the real Click Track Profit to bring awareness and support through their training program! It is thanks to their Affiliate Marketing/ Online Business training that I learned about Hive as well as taking action and created my own program :)
So, yeah! Very very proud!
Thanks for your comment :)