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RE: Can Money Makes You Happy

Yes, I just saw someone say recently, "Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can alleviate some misery" and I agree. Studies show that there is a certain level of money that will be different from place to place depending on cost of living and whatnot, that up to that point increased money does increase happiness, because it really just means that it's easier to get your basic needs and wants met. But after that point, it doesn't increase your happiness any more. So basically, once you have your home, food, clothes, transportation, kids in a good school, etc., and can treat yourself sometimes - that's all you really need and becoming extra rich doesn't make you extra happy.


Agree if you have money that is sufficient to the daily uses and other expanses for you then the extra will not make you happy indeed, If you have extra money then it sure makes us unhappy and we are also worried about the money 🙏

Thanks a lot for stopping by 🤝🙏