Cultural Stereotypes: Some Generalised Beliefs About My Country Nigeria

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The world at large always have one thing to tag my country Nigeria with, the moment people who are not from my country hear the name, they always have something to say. Some will say it out loud, others will say it within themselves and some fraction will go as far as staying away from us. But hey, just like every other place in the world, we have our flaws (if not for those people that always do those things that make the world see us the way they do though, only if they just behave for once 🤦🤦), even with our flaws, we still have attributes that other places wish they have.

Today's post is very different, i decided to participate in this contest (CROSS COMMUNITY CONTEST), the theme for this contest is CULTURAL STEREOTYPES. So, today I will be sharing some generalised beliefs about my country Nigeria that are not entirely true. Most of these things are true to some extent but not 100% true, but it's just not right for people to conclude that it's 100%, hence the reason I will be sharing a few of them I feel is not entirely true. You can click HERE to view the original contest post, so you can have more ideas about the contest. Do well to participate in the contest, I am inviting @golden06 to participate in this lovely contest.

Cultural Stereotypes: Some Generalised Beliefs About My Country Nigeria.

Nigerians Are Scammers

Some of the present day Nigerians have made it difficult for so many other Nigerians, because of the level of scammers that are in the country. But honestly speaking, a larger percentage of the Nigerian population are hard working men and women doing their legal hustle and trying to put food on their table. The fraudsters in my country has really made the world to define every Nigerian to be a fraudsters and this is not fair because there are still enough honest young men and women trying hard to earn a honest living. This has affected me personally, because I remembered someone saw my artwork on Instagram and she is from UK, we've bargain a lot already, but when she asked about where I am from and I told her Nigeria, the deal closed. Now it's difficult for others to trust us because of what some Nigerians have done in the past and are still doing. It's sad that the innocent once get to suffer what others caused. Not all Nigerians are Scammers please.


All Nigerians Speak Pidgin And Are Not Educated People

Okay, this is not true. It will shock you that some Nigerians can't comprehend pidgin and don't even know how to speak it. Some persons are used to just speaking English probably because of the way they were brought up or they just gave themselves that orientation from childhood that they don't want to speak it. I think because of this particular belief about Nigerians, a lot of folks think Nigerians are not educated and not fluent with English Language. It will interest you to know that some Nigerians speak Pidgin on purpose just because they love to flow well with other folks, but when they decide to go formal with you, they speak the English language so well that it will leave you in shock if the person was the one speaking pidgin before. A large percentage of the Nigerian population have acquire knowledge and are Educated people. So, this statement of all Nigerians speaking pidgin and are not educated is not true.


Nigerians Are Less Advanced

I laugh each time I see this, because it's not true. Nigerians are very advanced set of persons, the only thing I will agree with you relating to this is, our leadership system is what make us look like we are less advanced. Individually, you'd be surprised the things Nigerians know and are into, just that we have leaders that are so backward in their thinking. I keep saying that, my country will receive her positive recognition from other countries when the bad leadership system ends, because these leaders are making it difficult for others to see the different bright minds that are here, they are the reason people still see Nigerians as not being advanced enough. So please, this is not true, we are very much advanced, we just lack good governance.


Nigerians Are Sex Lords

I have hear this on many occasions but I will tell you it's not entirely true. Same way you have people in other countries that can really satisfy their women in bed and you also have those that can't satisfy their women in bed, same thing for Nigerians also. Not all Nigerians know how to satisfy a lady in bed and yes, some fraction of Nigerians are very good in pleasing a lady. Honestly speaking, the Nigerians that know how the female body work go an extra mile just to please that body system, I guess that's why people generalise it that all Nigerians are sex lord's. And another reason people say this is because, Nigerian men have this inner pride when they know that they please a lady, so it kills their ego when they find out they didn't deliver on the job. Hence the reason most Nigerian men try to know the lady's body very well while trying to satisfy her, because they go these lengths just to please their ladies, people say we are sex lord's, I might just agree with them to some extent 😂😂😂😂


Nigerians Are Naturally Happy People

Nigerians are very free spirited set of persons, because of how happy and free we can get, sometimes people feel we don't take anything serious, but we do, we are very much serious in all we do. Let me tell you a secret, if Nigerians choose to be a hundred percent serious minded, depression will lead so many persons to their early grave. To survive here in this part of the world is very difficult, but you see that smile on our faces, those little laughs we make, those not so serious jokes we make, are what is keeping so many Nigerians going. If not that we choose to be happy always, by now you would have hear that we have the highest number of persons committing suicide. We staying happy is our biggest surviving tool in this country, God didn't just give us that when coming to this part of the world, even God understand Nigeria is not an easy place to grow up in. So yes, we are happy people, but that does not mean we don't have problems, we have a lot of them, but we choose to be happy to keep our sanity in check. My country is blessed with people who can make it a better place for all, but the Government have limit so many things from happening, we lack good governance, it is our major problem. Trust me, if Nigerians did not choose to embrace happiness, if they allow the anger inside to grip them, this country would be a war zone. But we are grateful to God while we do the little we can to get the country moving.


Wow! I can go on and on with these different stereotypes about my country, I didn't realize how long this post is already, honestly I was enjoying myself while typing all these things. It is really lovely jumping on this contest. Well, please the contest is still on, try to participate. I am still inviting @golden06 to partake in this contest, please click HERE to view the original contest post, so you can have more ideas about the contest.

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Yeah, I remember a time when Nigerians were not trusted because people from other countries believed we were all scammers, not everyone is as mentioned in your post. We are advanced and also have challenges. What I came to know about stereotype is that, it's not 100% true most times. Thanks for sharing this.

That's the basic fact about stereotypes, they are not always true. Till date people still think Nigerians are Scammers and it's because of what do many persons are still doing.

Sometimes I don't blame the people for believing this, there are lot of things happening and you don't know who to trust any longer

I totally agree, no one wants to fall victim, help they just play safe when it comes to us Nigerians


You nailed it. I can relate to all these especially the aspect of Nigerians being seen as scammers.

Unfortunately for us, most of our countrymen that traveled out are not doing us any good because they don't care about earning their keep earnestly. This is probably why people from other countries build a wall around themselves whenever they cross path with a Nigerian.

That notwithstanding, this is something that is in every country so, all we have to do is to be the best version of ourself and prove them wrong.

All the other points you highlighted are correct. Well Done Bro

The Smile team appreciates you for sharing your quality content with us. Do well to check #smi-le to read from other like minded writers.


Thanks for stopping by bro. You know, it's funny how those who leave the country to other countries go there and perform these acts that end up giving us a nasty name. What's making it worst, those at home here have also choose the illegal way of living, making it difficult for those persons that are building their life from a honest soil. Well, it's going to get better eventually.

Nigerians are hardworking set of people. Very diligent and hardworking except for the bad eggs among who want to give us a bad name.
Of course, we are educated and intelligent people with advanced technology. Even in the midst of trials,we still smile trying to pull our heads together.
Maybe because we can adapt with very good and very bad situations.

Very hardworking set of Persons no doubt but we continue to have different folks spoil the good name. We hope to get it right some day. Thanks for stopping by.

I like pidgin, it sounds natural and relaxed. I think western people are mistaken in thinking there is anything wrong with this kind of English, it’s just a dialect. But I Can understand if a local wants to speak more standard international English too.

Staying happy as a survival tool...I think that is the beauty of the human spirit, and I feel so much of that beauty and energy coming out of Nigeria, I’m sure in a few years the whole image of the country will change.

Pidgin is very interesting. When I am having an informal conversation, I always like to speak freely in pidgin. But when I am having a more formal conversation, I use the standard English language. I am also sure, someday we will get it right in Nigeria. Thanks for stopping by.

... only if they just behave for once 🤦🤦

😂 I laughed when I got to this point because of your emoji but there's wisdom in your write-up. If only we would all behave and portray ourselves and our country in good light.

In every society, we have the good and bad apple... And you captured it beautifully when you said,

...even with our flaws, we still have attributes that other places wish they have.

Well said. This is true. Stereotyping of any kind is just wrong. It blinds us to truly knowing and understanding people. Hopefully, we will evolve as a society beyond this negativity. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. Well, it is the truth and am glad you had a little smile on your face when you first saw that. Like you said, hopefully, we will evolve, and I hope that that time come very soon. Once again, thanks for stopping by and taking time to read. CHEERS!