Cultural Stereotypes: Some Common Stereotypes About Men

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To start everything off, I just want to say that women aren't the only ones who are being molested or abused in the society. Yes, they go through a lot. But not a lot of people have noticed the kind of things men have to handle just because they are men🤦🏾‍♀️. The fact that a lady is the one defending men may seem weird😅 (please don't come for me 😂😂😂), but I'm just pointing out facts. Some of these misconceptions about men are:

All Men Are Scum

I can't be talking about steorotyping men and you expect me not to talk about this. Men have been called various names (especially dogs) just because one or two (or even three) guys cheated on a lady. Everytime I hear or see this quote, I literally just shake my head. As much as there are bad men in this world, there are still good ones. There are men out there who would never hurt the person they love. But most ladies from this generation prefer the bad guys ( I know because I'm part of this generation). A large number of these ladies are never ready to give the good ones a chance. A lot of girls prefer to chase the hot guy, the Playboy (the one that will end up breaking their hearts). So just because you, as a young lady, refuses to have good taste in men doesn't mean they're all bad. So stop generalizing it. Just GROW UP.

All Men Are Supposed To Be Strong/Men Don't Cry

Most ladies immediately loose interest in a guy when he gets beaten up. Some ladies will tell you to your face, “how will you be able to defend me if you can't fight for yourself” If they react this way just because you were beaten, imagine how they'll react if they see you crying. Everyone has their various strengths. Some might have physical strength, other people's strength might be in their intelligence. So why mock someone just because he isn't as strong as the other person? When will people realize that you don't have to fight to be a man? Personally,I feel it's okay for a man to cry. Just because he's a guy doesn't mean he does not have feelings. It's okay to feel overwhelmed by your emotions sometimes.

Guys Don't Get Abused/Harassed

I don't know how it is in other countries, but I know people in Nigeria hardly ever believe that a man got molested. This is so wrong. If a lady can get harassed, why would you think a man can't? It is because of this mindset that guys who have been molested refuse to speak and we all know the kind of trauma that accompanies harassment. When things like this are brought up, people just laugh it off. They do not realize that it is not a matter to be laughed about at all.
I might have mentioned just three but there are so many assumptions people make about men which are just wrong. Things like what I have mentioned (especially the third one) may lead to depression. We should really learn to change our mindsets as people. We're in a world where everyone is fighting for equality. But the women are constantly favoured over men. Equality shouldn't be favouring one gender but both.

So, I got to know about this contest because @officialuroga invited me to participate in it. I decided to go with common stereotypes about men that I feel are not entirely true, because we still have some amazing men out there. This is my first time sharing a post to this community, well, I look forward to coming here more. I think I would like to invite @merit.ahama to join the contest. Click HERE to read more about the original post. I look forward to reading your own post.
Thanks @officialuroga for inviting me, I am happy to participate in this contest.

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Wow you did a great job with the contest, is there anything else I can talk about after this? Hahaha

Well I will give my shot, I appreciate your invite. It's a nice contest and I hope to say my mind on this too.

All the best with your entry dear.

Thank you so much. There are definitely so many stereotypes to talk about, I know you will figure it out. You will do just fine, and you are welcome. I wish you the best as well. Thanks for sharing your thought.

I think it’s great that you try to defend men, if we all try to give each other the benefit of the doubt, life will be a lot easier.

I wish all men would cry and embrace it. They don’t need to do it in public, but they shouldn’t be so embarrassed that they can’t do it or even talk about it. Holding in that emotion is a greater sign of weakness, because it means they are scared of their own feelings.

The bad all depends on the environment and beliefs. The more brutally competitive and unforgiving the environment, the more people feel the need to put up a front and that front is usually a “bad guy” image. If the paradigm is like that then it’s easier to win as a bad guy then to challenge the paradigm...but a guy who can challenge the paradigm can be a legend.

I wouldn't say I am defending the men though, it's more of me just being honest. It's one reality of life that people don't want to accept. I honestly feel the same too, men bottle so much inside all because society have describe them as being strong, so it's some how when people see them cry.

there are still some places where crying will make you lose status and have real consequences. I’m thankful I am surrounded by weirdos who don’t mind that kind of thing and I think society is changing thanks to the internet

You are right, I totally agree with you.

You've raised beautiful points, it's true the society assume men should not cry because it's believed that crying is for the weak and men shouldn't act as one.
Men also get abused but the News doesn't carry this. I hope the society would someday come to this realization

I really hope so too, so many things need to be put in place in the society

Yeah, right

it pains me a lot that I am reading this post when it is past payout... This article has a lot of sense in it and you really did a good job writing this. Not that it is because I am a man but it is because there are a lot of truth in what you have written down here. Nice article, Good job.