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So happy to see yet another contest by the @crossculture I want to seize this chance to say hi to my hive friend @starstrings01, its really been long I heard from you, hope all is well🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗???

Well reading through this contest makes me remember a whole lot if things I missed all because of where I came from.
Let's begin with it meaning; What is Stereotype?
The dictionary defines it as A conventional, formulaic, and often oversimplified or exaggerated concept, opinion, or image of (a person)
Now from the meaning one can see how this could be deadly, annoying and hurtful.
Let's begin; A brief about me.
I am a Nigerian, precisely from Akwaibom state, precisely precisely from Eket.🤗😀😀🤗

Now the things I hear or the stigma I receive due to where I come from is always so annoying and hurtful.
As a Nigerian you will hear other country saying Nigerians do not have brains, as an Akwaibomite you will hear people saying we too like sex, most times they will say Una Calabar girls too like sex(Nigeria local parlance), as an Eket girl you will hear people say Eket girls aren't faithful to their spouses and they too like money
If I may ask who no like money ni😀😀😀😀???

You see, when all this things get to me I feel so bad.
A man once told me he can't marry me because I am from Eket, you can imagine that.
Once met a man and he said he is afraid to marry any Calabar or Akwaibom girl because he won't be able to satisfy their sexual urge, Ah! Isn't that too harsh.

What of meeting and outsider(maybe not from Nigeria) and he or she will say Nigerians are shallow minded people and that we lack thinking faculty.
Well to me all these are mere fallacies, that you met a dullard that is in Nigerian doesn't mean all Nigerians are like that.
That you met an Akwaibom girl that loves sex doesn't mean all Akwaibom girls are dogs.
That you met an unfaithful Eket girl doesn't mean all are the same.
That you met an Eket girl that talks carelessly, doesn't mean all are like that.

Seriously these stigmatization has to really stop, and we can do it.
Personally what ever I hear bout where I come I try to do the opposite, if Nigerians are dullards, I do my best to proof to you that we got stars here in Nigeria✌✌✌
If Akwaibom girls are rated sex lovers I proof to you that all a woman wants isn't sex.
If Eket girls are known for infidelity then I will help debunk such deadly and devilishly mentality.

The problem we have is that we allow these words gets to us and yet we still do nothing about it. Here is a quick one, everyone you meet that isn't from your country, state, community or village try as much as you can to proof to them that you are better version if the place you come from.
Its high time Nigerians proof to the world that we are unique in our diversity, proof to them that Akwaibom is the best states(The State known for good soups)😀😀😀😜😜 and that Eket girls or any where you come from isn't that bad.
Funny enough I just remembered one stereotype associated with Eket people, I hear people saying that Eket people spread whopping cough if you get them angry and then I sit to imagine how whopping cough could be associated with a group of people, lol isn't it funny, but it will shock you that people base their believe or tends to believe all this inconsequential things.
Hmmmmm I could go on and on and on to mention other stereotype I know about but let me give a break here, till we meet next time

Thanks for engaging my blog.
But before I leave I would love to call on @imoabasi, @zellypearl and @udygold to come tell us they stereotype they have been passing through, to participate just click here and you will get to the post.

I remain



What the hell with the whooping cough thing hahaha. Who started the rumor? 😂😂

Lol funny right?
Some humans like that started it, in shot in was born to hear such outrageous fallacy flying all about.
But its well🤗🤗

If I was from Akwa Ibom I wonder how many faces I would have slapped if they ever said such stupid assumptions about me. People are so uncouth.

As for the soup part, it's true. Tried just Afang soup once and I loved it.

Lol, no be small slap oo, kikikiki😂😂😂😂.
As in some humns are just too unbelievable.
Aaawwnn thanks dear💓💓, come and marry our Akwaibom man na🏃🏃🏃😜😜😜😜😜🏃🏃🏃🏃

😂 😂 Girl, you're so funny. Like I was laughing through your post, I just finished reading through a post about Akwa Ibom girls not too long and your post just confirm to me that it's true about the wrong stereotypes going on about you guys.

I will commend you for your lovely advice to all your people, just prove them wrong and we hope it will die off soon.

Nice entry, well explained and funny too. Keep it up 👍

I loved your post, I fully support you, people can't get carried away just because of one bad person they meet and say everyone else is the same. How unfortunate that they have had to meet bad people, but they have to give other people the opportunity to prove that they are not bad. That there are also people with good hearts and feelings.

I loved your post, I agree with you, just because you met one person with certain characteristics doesn't mean that an entire population is that way, that's the big problem with generalization and stigmas. I loved when you said you would go out of your way to prove otherwise, although I really don't think such an effort is necessary.
If you are congruent with what you profess and your beliefs it is something that will come naturally, and everyone who knows you will realize that. Too bad you had that experience with that man, but you know what? He didn't deserve you! and you have been spared from being with a person who is unsure of himself.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us 🙏

Wow imam happy you loved it.
Seriously I am grateful I didn't end up with him.
Thanks for the encouraging word


... try as much as you can to proof to them that you are better version...

Well said! Stereotyping is a wrong mindset and behavior that blinds people from truly knowing and understanding people. So instead of getting angry at the labeling, let's show others that they are wrong.

Nicely written and good luck in the contest. 🙂