¨ShadowHuntersContest¨ # 154 Inseparable Shadows

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¨ShadowHuntersCommunity¨:  It is where you want to be if you are a ¨passionate¨ of ¨shadow photography¨ you will find others ¨passionate¨ for your same tastes and ¨passions¨, people who have empathy for what you do; What makes you feel at home and want to be part of it

I love this community, for this reason, 10% of the post I have assigned as a beneficiary to ¨ShadowHuntersCommunity¨: 

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A community is made with the support and sacrifice of many people, this is not the exception and I wish to ¨thank¨ all of them @ ocd @ good-karma @ecency @taskmanager #archon @pixresteemer @melinda010100 @annephilbrick @nelinoeva @shasta; A special thanks to @melinda010100 for inviting us every week to participate in the ¨ShadowHuntersContest¨: 

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¨Hunting¨ ¨shades¨ is a very fun activity, you can also do it with your loved ones; What allows to improve the relationship, especially now that we are more at home

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Being ¨shadow hunters¨ gives us the possibility of doing it as a team, Ramiro and Gabriela ¨hunt¨ the ¨shades¨, whoever writes has to edit and present them to the community

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This beautiful ¨hunt¨ was made in my city, with a ¨Nikon Coolpix B500¨ camera; It's amazing the shadows you can find in a city


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hello dear friends @ecency good day
I really appreciate the tremendous support you provide to our Shadowhunter community.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid day

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 40 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you very much dear friend @pixresteemer for this enormous support you give me
I wish with all my heart you have a splendid day

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beautiful shadow photography sir thanks a lot for and good luck for the contest.

how are you dear friend @bhattg good day
I heartily appreciate your kind words, happy to know that my images were to your liking.
have a nice day

What an excellent collection of Shadow photos you guys found this week! You have the best sunny days for shadow hunting and find so many interesting shadows. Great post and thanks for all your support!

hello dear friend @ melinda010100 good afternoon
It's true, this week my wife and son did a great job.
Thank you very much for your kind words and support that you provide to my post
I take this opportunity to wish you a happy start to the week

Thank you very much dear friends for appreciating and supporting my post
I take this opportunity to wish you all a prosperous week

You can always find excellent shadows, dear @jlufer! My favourite in this post is the first one, it is amazing!

how are you dear friend @olgavita good afternoon
very happy to know that you loved my images, you are very kind
I appreciate with all my heart the great support you give to my post
have a wonderful afternoon and enjoy it very much

Just wow, the first and second shadows are so beautiful, they are just stunning and perfect

how are you dear friend @onyechi good afternoon
It's good that you liked my images, I'm happy for them
Thank you very much for the support you give me
have a happy start to the week

Excellent shadows, my friend!

how are you dear friend @ silversaver888 good afternoon
very happy to know that you liked my photographs.
I appreciate with all my heart the great support you give me every day
have a beautiful afternoon

Hi, @jlufer
Excellent and beautiful shadow photos.👍

how are you dear friend @sayago
very happy with your words, knowing that my images are to your liking is a huge motivation. Thanks a lot
I take this opportunity to wish you a great day, that you enjoy it a lot

Dude, good job. You did a family search hunting shadows and the result is beautiful. The main image has color, glitter and the shade looks like a ballerina tutu. The other favorites are trash cans, their shadows come to life.

how are you dear friend @amandaj good day
You always make my day with your visit and your kind words for our teamwork, Gabriela and Ramiro do a good job looking for images, at this moment they went to a park to take pictures for tomorrow's theme.
Thank you very much for the great support you give us

Wow. This is amazing @jlufer. I love not one, not two, but all! Great job. I look forward to your entry next time

@jlufer - I am really enjoy your photos for Shadow Hunters Contest. Especially the photos of the city where your live. Your city is well managed. I really love it as it is not a big city, well balance of nature and not too much of big concrete buildings or a heavy traffic.


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It is true, my city is very beautiful and it is well balanced between construction and natural life dear friend @andyjim
I really appreciate your kind words, you are very kind
have fun