¨Reflection Hunters Contest¨ # 1 Reflections of the family album

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Hello dear friend @annephilbrick, what a great idea to add a new category of "hunting", now the hunters in my family will have to expand the search range; Next week they will begin to "hunt" this "category" of images; This week I will participate with some ¨reflejos¨ that I have in the family album

Source: Family Album

This is my son Ivan, as you can see he loves to drink ¨terere¨; This is an ¨infusion¨ that is consumed ¨cold¨, it is like drinking ¨mate¨ but with ¨orange¨ juice ¨frio¨. Behind we can see the ¨reflections¨ of the mountains in the ¨Ushuaia¨ lake.

Source: Family Album

Another who was surprised to see the "reflection" of him in the water, is this "sparrow"; He did not know if what he saw was real or a "mirage"

Source: Family Album

The beach is undoubtedly the best place to look for reflections, here we have two beautiful captures

Source: Family Album

If you are starting out as a "hunter", I comment that the car can be a great place to get beautiful "reflections"; This post is to accompany our friend @annephilbrick; To participate, check the conditions here: 


Source:  vimeo-free-videos


I'm sure you'll get curation again in these!'
Great job, @jlufer!

how are you dear friend @ silversaver888 good night
That sounds great, it would be nice if it happened, but if they don't vote for me in the first few hours, it's almost impossible for it to happen.
very happy to know that you like it
have a wonderful night and a happy rest

I want to support you, unfortunately, we have a time difference.
I'm usually here 5 - 8 hours after.
We'll have to see how to improve it!

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@jlufer - Great to see that you are now hunting for the reflection. Apart from the mirror that can give us the clear reflection, reflection from the water is another alternatives. So what ever it is, I am really enjoy any time that show us the photos of your lovely city.


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hello dear friend @andyjim good night
you should join this contest, it's so much fun looking for reflections.
I appreciate with all my heart the support you give me
have a wonderful night and a happy rest