The Guild of Neoxian won the First Brawl

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Heya warrior's wassup

First of all, I would like to congratulate all the Neoxian team. What a great win many many congratulations to all the Neoxian warrior's.


What is most exciting about it? Well we won the first-ever brawl and we created the history and that's is the most special thing about it. The second most special thing about this brawl is Neo sir (Guild owner)participated in the brawl and he was undefeated. He won all of his battles. And when your guild owner shows interest then it boosts up the morale of the players.

I picked gold foil bronze fray and I was playing with zawarrior. While entering battles I realised I lack some cards. But it was too late to buy them. After entering battles I went to purchase these two epics.


I spent 42$ on just two epics. Well, I am all ready now for the next brawl and I hope I will be doing better. Our guild won 25 crowns. And for level 2 you need 150 crowns. Dang, it means we need five straight wins in the brawl in order to upgrade our Arena. In the 2nd level, we will still be having 13 frays but our rewards would be 2x. It means if we win brawl at level 2 then we will be getting 50 crowns instead of just 25.

That's all for now keep splinterlanding warriors.

I will be sending some gifts to our top brawlers later today

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Congratulations to all of us. I hope we get consecutive wins and stay top.

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IA we will

Well done my people.

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Awesome job everyone, it makes me proud, it makes us all proud and yes the winner of the first every Brawl in the History of @splinterlands is something to cherish forever. Now onto the next one and kick some bleeeeeeep, watch your mouth. haha. Oh and Congrats @neoxian for being undefeated.....

hahah Yaaa thanks Shoe yea That was a great win

Congratulations to all of you, wishing you more in the brawls. I love this contest, one day I will join.

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And when will come that day? :P Anyway thank you so much

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Wow that is really great congratulations 😀⁦✌️⁩🎉🎉🙏

Congratulations. More wins to neoxian warrior's

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You have inspired me to start playing again.

Hehehe come on girl

I’ve been trying. Splinterlands just doesn’t like me. I’m no stranger to card games; Pokémon, hearthstone, gwent, etc. but Splinterlands is a huge fail for me.

I did figure out that my initial problem a was trying to play with my cell phone. With a cell, I was not able to see the special abilities of the cards (among other issues).

Alas! My game has not improved much even after studying the cards and trying different strategies via the laptop.