Stonesplitter Orc-A fierce foes with pickaxe

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Hello fierce warrior's

I am using ts-neoxian for this challenge post because I don't have Stonesplitter Orc in my own account. Well, I do have but it is just level 4 so I can't take risk of using it in the champion league. Also, I never felt like having it in my collection :P XD too bad because it can be great in common and rare rule and also in no legendary rule. I used it against one of the most skilled players byzantinist. I love killing him on the battlefield so yep I used Stonesplitter Orc against him. I wanted to crack his skull using the pickaxe of Stonesplitter Orc😂.

Stonesplitter Orc

Stonesplitter Orc is available in the Alpha and Beta edition. Alpha edition is pretty expensive so you can have it in the beta edition. Currently, the Alpha edition of Stonesplitter Orc is trading at 0.38$/BCX and the beta edition 0.12$/BCX. Stonesplitter Orc has only two abilities. Retaliate at level 1 and you get its 2nd ability at level 5 which is enrage. At maxed level, It gives you 5 melee attack along with 7 heaths and 3 shield protection.

MY Battle 🏆


Xawi Vs Tendershepard

My Line-up

Stonesplitter Orc

I was given Noxious fumes and Lost legendries rules. When it comes to Noxious fumes i try to go with Scarred llama mage. At the beginning of each round, this summoner cleanses the monster in the first position. My opponent used Scarred Llama mage as well. The second rule was Lost legendries this is why I used Stonesplitter Orc the theme of the week in the first position. Stonesplitter Orc fulfilled my expectations. It did the same I was expecting from this savage monster.

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Tower Griffin

I used Tower Griffin in second place. The purpose of using it in the second position first I wanted to give +2 armour protection to my monsters, and second, if there was any snipe attack then due to its flying ability, there would have been a chance of miss-hits.

gif sp.gif

Khmer Princess

I used Khmer Princess in third place. She heals monster placed in the first position also she has triage ability which heals the back monster.

gif sp.gif

Mitica Headhunter

I used Mitica Headhunter in fourth place. I love this monster because of its power pack ranged attack along with hi-fi speed. It has three abilities snare at level 1 piercing at level4 and shatters at the maxed level.

gif sp.gif

Screeching Vulture

I used Screeching Vulture in 5th place. Screeching Vulture can be useful in the Noxious fumes rule as it has scavenger ability. It has opportunity ability which is also a great ability. It helps a lot in winning battles.

Gelatinous Cube
I used the Gelatinous Cube in the last position. Gelatinous Cube is made for Noxious fumes rule :P XD I mean it is a must to use the card in this rule due to its cool self-healing ability. I placed it in the last position because it has self-healing ability which is very useful in this poison rule. In the end, when only Gelatinous Cube remains on the battlefield it gets last stand ability because of Scarred llama mage which also helps too much.



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Amazing battle!

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thank you Maria. Always appreciate <3