Consistency, commitment and dedication is the key to success

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When I joined the hive community I never ever had this idea that I could be able to do this much. When I joined steem then it was in pretty good condition. I mean I don't remember the exact price but I guess it was 3$/steem. In the early days of the steem, it was so hard to get some good votes. I wasn't a very serious person and I used to post once in a while. Then I Joined the neoxian city, hence my steem Journey began.
When I was looking at my hive wallet and hive-engine wallet I actually realized I have done a great job. Many seasons came and gone and we are still here. We have seen a bearish red market when the red blood was everywhere. And now everyone is enjoying the bull run again. This is a crypto life. I have learnt so much in this community that I actually regret Why I didn't know about Bitcoin and other cryptos. Anyways no matter what we move.

Hive-engine wallet


hive wallet


My Hive-engine wallet is more valuable than my hive wallet :P XD. My hive wallet has suffered a lot. I have always been on power down and I invested a lot of my hive earning in different projects. You can say my money is scattered. I invested in pretty cool projects mainly Neoxag, Splinterlands, Bro, Leo. Hive-engine wallet is showing you my investment in neoxag and other coins.

Three years of hive Journey has given me a lot. I was consistent and I found the best ever block-chain game splinterlands. Now I am posting regularly and also playing splinterlands. All the money you have been seeing, I earned through hive and splinterlands. I could have more than 10k Hp by now but I decided to divert my money in different directions rather than locking it up in one place. I don't know how much I was wise with my decision but I have no regrets.

My splinterlands assets

I have three accounts. Xawi is my main account. Everythingsmgirl is my silver gold level accounts with beta edition cards. Zawarrior is only a gold foil silver level account. Some of the summoners are silver level and some are bronze.



Let's calculate what I have earned in three years.

Xawi Splinterlands assets 9691$ let's take it only 9k. I am rounding off my numbers.

9k + 1000+1000-+3000 +1000==> 15k$

15k$ without investing a single penny is not that bad I suppose. But yep I have invested my time, my commitment my dedication and that's worth a lot.

I am not bragging about my assets and I don't want my village people to eye my money :P XD I just wanted to calculate what I have earned so far. Also, I was postless and i needed to post something 😂

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Lol.u have actually done great. Commitment and dedication sure brings in good values.keep it up. And i wish i can also do that.

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you can do it :)

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Wow really great to hear, i have been regular to hive from past few months I was never regular on steem. I was totally unknown how this all the things work here and learn things slowly slowly from many peoples here.
I never realised that i will invest in hive but i regret on that . This is the best investment of my life and sure it will grow by time indeed.

Thanks to neo sir and the neoxian city my hive wallet have sure some valve now, and just about the game it is really great indeed investing in dec and buying new cards this will sure going to help me earn more there indeed.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😀🤝⁦✌️⁩

yep Thanks to Neo sir he is the one behind our success

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ya sure, but there is doubt there are your efforts also . I can see that indeed 😊🤝💰

Pretty nice stuff you've got so far darling, and well deserve it. I'm starting to take things more seriously and I'm seeing the results of hard work and dedication. Hopefully things will get even better. Cheers!

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thank You

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