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RE: How to use Neoxiancityvb

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Wow, that's interesting. I'll try asap. πŸ‘ 😎 πŸ€‘ Thanks for the info! btw @xawi - this is not valid for staked neoxag, right?

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you have to have liquid Neoxa in order to use this bot. How can you send staked neoxag? :P ;)

@xavi I know that you can't but I thought that the vote % depends not only on bot power but also on staked Neoxag, because you mention that you get an award in Pal and Leo too ... smart bot ...

Yes we get pal and Leo because a bot has Lep and Pal power. And you don't need staked Neoxag in order to get the highest % of the vote. It all depends on your Bid. Smart bot meant if you bid high and it exceeds the max voting % then the bot will return your extra bid

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