Self-esteem is nowhere but God's unconditional love!


Forgive me. Be nice to yourself. And an ordinary one who is often guilty of encouraging people: Be kind to yourself. All sentences turn well-intentioned, but empty in spiritual utility; corresponds to sweet high fast food.

Self-esteem is everywhere these days, especially on social media; even among those who profess faith in God.

No wonder it doesn't work.

But unfortunately, we are human beings! Let's settle down! Why not add some of our pitiful strength to our weakness?

Why not? Because it doesn't work...

In our weakness, we are forced to add even more weakness to the vain hope that will make us strong.

All roads are nowhere a journey in confusion and spiritual frustration because we strive for a meaning that cannot be satisfied or mastered.

And the worst thing is that it's the practice of bold insurance that knows nothing or has nothing against change.

But... if we strive for the law, the best, otherwise we will be satisfied.

There's a love that works!

I understand why the world is overwhelmed by a love story about self-esteem. It seems so trivial.

Why are we committed to that? Easy. It is the opposite direction of self-hatred that sweeps the world into waves to the joy of the devil. Self-esteem does not correspond to voices that we hate ourselves that we all hear from time to time.

Self-love could solve immediate desire, like a cigarette for a nicotine drink. But soon, this empty reality impresses again in our consciousness. This existential routine! He's not leaving. We can't fix this. There's a hole in us that only fills up in one direction.

There's a way to combat this self-hatred that joins our minds.

There's a way, but it's not what we expect. There's only one love that can help.

A love beyond any vain idol to which we cling differently.

First of all, it's worth remembering because self-love is ridiculous. How can a person who fights self-hatred cope with it in and for himself when he cannot control that voice of self-hatred?

Self-esteem is utilized as an endeavor to control something we have no influence over.

We don't want to admit that we're out of control or that we can't control every day of our lives. If we're honest, it's a scary thought. And, of course, we do not want to give up our remaining control over God, which is what faith requires, which is trust, whether we prefer self-reliance or any other dependence.

But the predominance of love is to get out of the way, which can only hurt us.

We must have confidence in this love that can only be loved. Self-esteem can never be a form of well-being.

What a cosmic paradox: we need to stop being self-esteem to understand how we are loved.

The love we need is absolutely unconditional and eternally available: true love, the purest known love, which is also the only true and pure love. But this love is also the most common for rejection. We reject it because once again we hate to trust what is alien to us, and we believe that trust is difficult or ridiculous. There's too much sacrifice.

External dependence is the renunciation of control. We can't control God, but we can't control life either. What's more, we can't encounter God's affection without giving up. However, this is the best risk we can take.

Self-esteem is nowhere but God's unconditional love.


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