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RE: Consistency, commitment and dedication is the key to success

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Wow really great to hear, i have been regular to hive from past few months I was never regular on steem. I was totally unknown how this all the things work here and learn things slowly slowly from many peoples here.
I never realised that i will invest in hive but i regret on that . This is the best investment of my life and sure it will grow by time indeed.

Thanks to neo sir and the neoxian city my hive wallet have sure some valve now, and just about the game it is really great indeed investing in dec and buying new cards this will sure going to help me earn more there indeed.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😀🤝⁦✌️⁩


yep Thanks to Neo sir he is the one behind our success

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ya sure, but there is doubt there are your efforts also . I can see that indeed 😊🤝💰