Game Status...Rising Star...Received one item again an again from Crafting Items...03/04... Play And Earn...

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Hello all Music Lovers....

Rising Stars.....

Start as a lowly busker and work your way up to a global mega star!

Unlock the level 90, only 3991 more XP required to unlock the level 91😁


I love the game and making my position in the game slowly but steadily.
The ego meter is at 14%. I am performing a at least one lesson mission daily to increase my skill points which ultimately prevent from increase in ego.

Today I decide to try my luck with crafting missions (I have not cratered and item from a week time). But unfortunately I got same item four time ie ChromeMachineHead. The team has to fix this or may be the drop rate for ChromeMachineHead is too high??


Good thing is I got one Pizza to recharge the energy...

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Thanks for stopping by...

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I am unsure if the drop rate for it is too high, but I do think the gold pieces have like a 1% drop rate so your luck might of been bad. So you ended up getting the most common parts 4 times.

As the parts all have different probabilities you will get more of the silver/chrome parts as they are the most common. Four in a row of the same part is just unlucky but not unusual.
If we made everything even there would be no point having a mission which rewards a random part so it would defeat the object.

We spent a lot of time calculating the average number of STARTBITS it would take to craft each card so we are happy with the way it is working. Some people get gold parts much more frequently than 1 in 100 and others don't. That's the fun of randomness!

You will also be glad to know that the most common parts in each crafting fair will be useable in future missions when we launch the next map.