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Hello all Music Lovers....

Rising Stars.....

Start as a lowly busker and work your way up to a global mega star!

Unlock the level 88, only 87 more XP required to unlock the level 89😁


I love the game and making my position in the game slowly but steadily.
The ego meter is at 13%. I am performing a at least one lesson mission daily to increase my skill points which ultimately prevent from increase in ego.

Today I noticed a new tab under the My Collection names RECORDS. Is this a new development? I dont know may be developers are planning for some surprise.


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Thanks for stopping by...

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I personally do 3 music lessons a day. After doing so, my ego meter hasn't been in positive territory for a month. However I came close a few times due to drunk fans. I think increasing your skill is a good idea because a vehicle from a pack could reduce my lead by alot.

One of the biggest challenge in this game is managing your EGO.
I have been trying to bring it down by doing at least 2 lessons a day. Mine is still around 21-22.
I am targeting to bring it below 20.
Hopefully I will nagar to do so this week.
I am not sure about the new option you mentioned.

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