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I've started to play the Hive Game Rising Star only about two weeks ago. Here a disclaimer. I'm a total beginner. If you are an experienced player you will either get bored while reading this or you might laugh at my mistakes :-).

The game in itself is very straight forward and I did my missions and saw my fans go up and then down. It seems so far I've only managed to attract drunk fans and they tend to forget me once they are sober... In a way every day I start from the same point. I make some missions, use my Energy and collect some starbits. The next day I start more or less at the same place.

There are cards in the game...

On Sunday evenings there is always a live show and I took part in it a week ago. They play cool songs and they make giveaways. I was very happy when I won a prize the first time I took part. I needed then to answer the question: what kind of booster card I wanted.... Wait what? Booster cards?
I think this was the first time that I actually went into the card menu and saw all these cards... I knew there were cards in the game but I didn't get what they were for so far. So I could choose between skill and fan cards.

Still not really understanding the game, I opted for a skill card and I was very happy to see that my skill went up! But then I told myself... If only I had taken the fan card... I could maybe get enough fans to play the higher missions in my home town...

A day later, I bought my first card, a fan booster card. I didn't have much starbits so it was just enough to buy 5 Fans. The problem, this didn't solve my issue to have enough Fans for these missions...

For the project @liotes, I work together with @ph1102 alias @cryptofiloz. Once during one of our brainstormings, I told him how proud I was to have some more fans. He actually told me not to buy any of these fan cards. Ups, ehm... but how will I get enough fans to make the higher missions?

All these cards have their utilities!!!

So basically he told me to buy a vehicle instead of booster fan cards. The vehicles come with fans! Oh that's so great. So I directly invested some swap.hive to buy a Range Rover that comes with 300 Fans. Yea, I have now enough fans to do all the missions in my home town!

The next day we had another brainstorming and I sent him a screenshot of my Rising Start dashboard. I was very proud of my fans. Then he told me that like that I will hardly earn anything in my missions. What, uh??? Well I didn't figure that out completely yet. It seems that there needs to be a balance between the number of fans and your skills. I think it affects your ego. However I didn't get how this influenced my earnings...

So now I need to increase my skills... How to do that? I could buy booster cards for skill but it seems these are not really good. I should rather buy some instruments and then do music lessons? My ego is at 64% at the moment and I believe this is not so good :-).

What's the pizza all about?

Now another point is the energy stuff. I'm constantly running out of energy and I invested in a pizza box. I thought it was a magical box that would refill every day but I got something wrong there. It seems that the box only allows you to kind of save a pizza that you might find.

I would actually need to buy a cold pizza slice. Rumours have it that these are the magical parts that regenerate once a day. Together with the pizza Box, this seems the ideal combination.

I don't know what they put on these pizzas but they are quite pricey. So I will need to collect some more starbits to afford a cold slice of pizza ( I have the box already !).

Let's connect ! You can find me on these platforms:

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Sometimes when you do your missions, you find a discarded pizza. If you have a Pizza Box, it will go in there so that you can use it when you want to (by clicking the "+" next to your energy meter). If you don't have a Pizza Box (or it already has pizza in it), it is automatically applied to your energy. Likewise, if you have a Cold Pizza Slice, you can use it (by hitting the "+" just like the Pizza Box) once every 24 hours. In either case, your energy is recharged to 100% and you can continue attempting your missions.

Personally, I have two Pizza Boxes. I use one of them first so I can "catch" discarded pizza when I get them. If I already have an empty Pizza Box, then I use my Cold Pizza Slice (which then starts counting down 24 hours until it can be used again). This leave me with one more full Pizza Box if I use that much pizza on one day (which seldom happens). There are occassionally times I run out of energy, but not very often and then I will have at least my normal overnight recharge and one Cold Pizza Slice to use the next day (until I find another discarded pizza).

NOTE: If you got a 1st Birthday Cake card, you can use it like a Cold Pizza Slice once every 12 hours.

Let me know if you need an explanation of EGO.

Thanks a lot for the explanation regarding Pizza. I think it's a very sound strategy to have two boxes and one cold Pizza slice to replenish your energy.

What I didn't understand about the ego is what kind of negative effect it has on your earnings?


It is in diametric opposition to your STARBITS earnings. The higher your EGO, the less STARBITS you earn from your missions. So, you want to keep your EGO as close to zero as possible so that you do not reduce your earnings any more than you have to.

Thanks a lot for the info. I will definitely need to make it come down a lot :-)

Aside from buying a lot of cards with skill, the best way to bring down your EGO is to complete Music Lessons missions. To start with, you will only be able to complete a couple due to your level. The amount of skill reward you are able to earn is increased by owning cards related to that mission (for example, owning various microphones will increase your skill reward for the Basic Singing Lesson mission). You will not earn any STARBITS for these missions, but in addition to increasing your skill, you will still earn XP, so you will continue to increase your level. I try to alternate between Music Lessons missions and Zone missions (or Special Missions) so that as I get more cards with fans (especially vehicles), I can maintain a good handle on my EGO. I am working toward increasing my skill to the point that when I do add more fans, my EGO does not increase at all.

Thanks a lot man. This makes a lot of sense. I started to do the missions but I kind of got nowhere because I have no instruments...

You don't really need instruments to do the beginning missions. You just don't progress very quickly. You will, however, need more fans (which you can generally get faster by procuring vehicles). Just keep redoing the same mission until you reach the level/fan requirement for the next higher mission. If you don't have enough fans, do more missions with the high STARBITS rewards in order to buy the cards you need to progress to the next higher mission (and remember that the more fans your have, the more STARBITS your earn for each mission). There will be other requirements as you progress, but they are not that hard to meet until you have to build your band.

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Love it! Had the same feelings at the beginning, I am not using swap hive for buying packs. I use my Vibes from my #musicforlife rewards. You et one card pack for 5 Vibes which is amazing!
good luck in the game! And see you at the party on sunday :)

That's a very good idea. However I like vibes quites a lot and I send them all to the liotes account so that they cumulate there ;-). See you tonight in the show!


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You understand the game better as you progress and gain more experience.
I struggled with EGO too at one stage and did music lessons to bring my ego below 15% and now i am trying to maintain it. for every normal mission, i am doing 2 music lessons.

Tip - Try different music lessons as number o f skill points form these lessons varies based on what instruments you have, If you have more guitars you should do guitar lessons, if you have more mic you should do more singing lessons.
And don't do same mission multiple time as starbits reward will decreases if so a mission multiple time.

Thanks a lot for the tip. I definitely need to get my ego down. It's at 65% at the moment lol.

And don't do same mission multiple time as starbits reward will decreases if so a mission multiple time.

I didn't know that! Thanks a lot for the tip!


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Yes pizza boxes and cold pizza slices are the best things to get back energy. The birthday cake was also a good card but the buying period for that ended recently. The cold pizza slices give you a full bar every 24 hours and the pizza boxes will store those pizzas you get from missions so you can use them more optimally.

As for ego, I suggest getting some instruments so you can get more skill points. The more you get, the faster you can remove your ego or increase your lead so drunk fans don't tip you over.

Thanks a lot for the comment. My ego is over 60% at the moment. It's probably what I need to work on :-). Buying some instruments and doing music lessons seems the path to follow.


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I open an extra tab and do a few mission here and there - I'm building up starbits so i can buy some more cards.

It's just like splinterlands - i can never cash out and make any money because I just 'gotta' make it to the next level LOL

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I totally understand your point. So far I have probably reinvested 200% of my earnings lol. It's quite enjoyable however :-)


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your posts are amazing friends .. I am the one who follows you in noise. I'm happy to see all the results of my blog.

Thank you for stopping by!


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ENGAGE I don't understand that yet

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Oh, for someone who haven't played Rising Star either, it sounds pretty complex. Maybe it gets easier as you start understanding how things work...

I'm learning new things every day and people are really helpful and give me tips :-)


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Looks like you are getting lots of great tips from Rising Star players if you need any more help pop along to our Discord Lots of info in the game FAQ too. 🤘

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I'm lucky to have a lot of very helpful friends :-). I'm learning at my pace and enjoying the journey! Thanks a lot for stopping by!


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