Female video game players on the rise

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Female video game players on the rise (BBC)

  • The article quotes a Google study Key ways to engage with female gamers - the fastest growing segment in AP. Some key conclusions from the study include the fact that female gamers now make up 38% of the Asia Pacific market, up from 32% only 2 years ago.
  • Additionally, the number of female gamers is growing at nearly 15% pa, roughly twice as fast as the overall market growth rate


  • Female gamers are 40% plus of the market in China, Korea, Japan and South East Asia, its only India that is behind the curve (so far).
  • Mobile is the most popular platform by far, which suggests as mobile penetration grows, so will the % of female gamers. Spending wise, they punch their weight, making up 39% of spending.
  • Interestingly, while they are attracted to role playing games, they also like multi player battle arena and shooter games. So there really isn’t a stereotypical female type of game.

Analysis and Comments

  • The report has four key recommendations as to how gaming developers can engage with female gamers, hence growing their market share.
  • First is to plan for a mobile first experience, as this is where most female gamers can be found.
  • Second & third are to tap into female esports communities & adding story lines that female game players can related to
  • The last piece is “to build a diverse team of developers and designers who can better understand the female gamer segment”. Given the current debates and scandals this is very topical.
  • Analysts think Video Gaming could potentially be something that fits in well with aspects of some ESG investment strategies. Of course analysts are not arguing that gaming obviously contributes to the greater good of our wider society in the same way that renewable energy & recycling do. But it can be a positive contributor to deliver say UN SDG 5 (achieve gender equality).
  • This is an industry where there is no reason why there cannot be more women, and it creates well paid & highly skilled jobs. It's encouraging to see some signs that companies accept that change is needed, but there is a long way to go from an industry perspective & we expect ESG investors to push them hard to change


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Thank you 🙏 mate

I mean, I'm not complaining ;)

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You sneaky dog 🐕 !

This is great news for the future path of our world. Gaming is likely to be at the forefront of Web 3.0 meaning that females getting involved will be able to financially benefit.

Income and wealth inequality can potentially be reduced (if not eliminated) by the transition to Web 3.0. The quicker people get involved, the better for all.

This is great to see.

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Great news it is but also a surprising one to me if you ask me ! I wouldn’t have thought so !

I think its pumping because theres a lot of money in it for these female streamers, eventually the market gets saturated and the value of it goes down but for now it will continue to pump

As long as there are a lot of new women in the space, they will keep getting paid well 😃

Even though I don't myself play video games, I still found this post interesting. I like your advice to developers on how to target female video game players.

Thank you for this kind comment

Women have the power... Respect them! ;)