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RE: The Microblogging Solution

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Sadly, bot accounts will exist forever and even on mainstream social media sites and music streaming sites, I was getting more likes on a recent track I uploaded on Soundcloud than actual listens so I don't think you'll ever get away from them.

As for advertising what Hive and Leo is etc, a proper marketing team who know how that all works is key I reckon. Not focusing on rewards but as a place where there's an active, open and engaging community to share your opinions without getting "cancelled" is probably a better approach now. Strike while the irons hot kinda thing.

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Damn bots are all over the internet. Hell, I use to assume that any account on Twitter that isn't run by someone I don't know is a bot, so I get that. However, there was something very organic on Twitter that we can take to the hive version.

Personally, I think tweets should be on a separate space from blogs. It will make hive have a different layer, where people can post and only read shirt content. Sometimes people just want to sir their feelings and get responses easily. No need for tags, and all that.

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Lol yeah man, the amount of bot followers and accounts I have on FB and Twitter is stupid, puts me off using them really!

Yeah I'd imagine it would be a separate front end for the tweet style posts - quick and easy, tweet it out, away you go. Job done!

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