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Since hive became an independent chain from steem, there are more users are attracted to hive. Some side chain developers are also migrated from steem to hive. Here are the list of some of them leofinance, foodiesunite, naturalmedicine, neoxian, ctptalk and others. Those side chains network release their own tokens. The tokens are in the early developmenst so the price is still low. However, those tokens are additional value for hive rewards.


Before talking multiple reward, I would remind you to hive reward pool. I know most of you have been familiar with this. I use the title of this post wirh SEO friendly so the readers are not only hive users. This post may help new users to join hive.

  • Author reward
    You can earn reward from creating content on hive. You can post articles , pictures, and videos. To post articles or photos you can use ,, If you are vloger you can use You will be rewarded when you get upvoted by other members.
  • Curation reward
    You need to power up you hive to get more reward from curation or upvoting other posts. The higher you hive power, the bigger your reward. You can buy hive power with cryptocurrency like btc, eth or ltc via
  • Power Delegation
    Are you lazy to be a content creator or curator, you can choose to be a power delegator. You can delegate your power to earn passive income. There are some account that rewards you from 10 % to 14 % rewards. You can go to You can also delegate power to @project.hope with cool rewards.



Those are the reward pools in hive main chain. Hive chain enables developers to create side chain with their economic tokens. The tokens have different value. You can check existing token in


  • You can post your articles via the platform from side chain network. You can use to earn leo token. You can read my post about hive tribes token Hive tribes toke worth investing.

  • Add your tag with the token tribes tag
    These are some tags, leo for leo , neoxian, ctp , foodie, naturalmedicine, lassecash, stem and others. You can check the tribes in

  • Check your reward in wallet. Your rewards from token will be claimed automatically in your hive-engine wallet. You can trade id dex market the tokens rewards.

  • Power up your tokens to increase curation rewards
    You can buy tokens in hive engine or use your rewards to power up your side chain power.
    foodie power.png
    I prefer to power up my foodie token. You can choose what token tribes you want to power up based on your interest.

  • Post with the token tribe front end.
    It will get more reward from curators in the tribe. You can post topics related to the community. I prefer to use foodie and to post. You need to log in with your posting key to post in the tribes platform.

  • Curate posts with side chain front ends.
    You will earn curation rewards in token tribes when you do curation to member posts via the side chain platform. To earn leo you just need to curate via


Hive is the main chain. You earn hive and HBD from the main chain, the additional rewards come from side chains. There are many side chains that you can optimize to earn more rewards. Thanks for reading hope this will benefit to your knowledge in hive platform. Don't forget to upvote and follow me @lebah because I will follow your back!


Great post, I agree with you there are several good tokens and more popping up on Hive. Earning multiple tokens is the best plan on Hive and you have laid out a good way to make it happen.

Thanks @maddogmike , At the first I was active in hive and before that steem, I didn't know that there are some side chain that we can earn. Hope this post will help new users.

Really like to try to focus on the tribe tokens myself for additional income. Haven't explored the CTP community much, but seems in line with the Leo community which I post in almost always!

Yes, I agree, I optimize three tokens leo, foodie and neoxian.

Hla @lebah
This is something that many users are not aware of, especially the new ones. Of course, it's good to clarify that each of these tribes has a particular theme, that a label should not be used if the subject of the post is not related to the tribe. The same thing happens with communities. This topic is very important to know. Thank you for bringing it.

Yeah, each of tribe has particular topic, we should choose that match to our interest. thanks for dropping by

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Great educational post that will be useful for bunch of people! Thanks for sharing!

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Great post @lebah, using tribes is really a good way to earn additional income from your posts.

Thanks @achim03 for dropping by. I wrote this because new members will be more motivated when they earn rewards from side chains

That is true and it may be easier for new members to earn hive-engine tokens than hive.

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very educative post.... i would start making use of the side chain

Thanks @bhoa hope this benefial to all members of hive

You are welcome bro