ZIL Staking At Atomic Wallet

in Project HOPE2 months ago

I made a post to share about the high interest of staking ZIL at Atomic Wallet about a week ago.

I felt that it was a great opportunity then since it was offering 25% APY for staking ZIL.

ZIL Staking.jpg

It has recently adjusted its interest from 25% to 21% with a drop of reward by 4%.

In my previous post about staking ZIL at Atomic Wallet, the network fee was only 3 ZIL($0.06) to perform the task of staking but it was adjusted to 7.5 ZIL($0.15) recently too.

When we need to claim the reward for staking, there is also a high network fee of 25 ZIL($0.50).

For a small staker, I would lose profit if I do not stake for long term since the network fee is really high.

With the current 21% APY, it is still an attractive interest to earn and hopefully it would not be adjusted again.

Those who are interested to stake ZIL at Atomic Wallet would need to consider the high network fee for transactions like claiming and staking.

For high stakers, they can probably easily earn more than the network fee easily but there is still a certain degree of risk in staking.

Hopefully, this is an useful information for those who are interested to stake ZIL to earn passive income.