The Rise Of Bitcoin

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In my previous post with the topic of the uncertainty, I mentioned about how Biden could have affected the price of Bitcoin in the US Presidential election.

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At the point of this post, Biden had gained 264 electoral votes while Trump had gained 214 electoral votes.

With the votes moving away from Trump as votes were being counted, Trump decided to file lawsuits against those votes that went to Biden.

Trump did not believe the votes were counted correctly with suggestion of fraud but without facts to support his allegation.

This whole drama had delayed the counting process leading to slowing down the final result of this election.

The current possibility of Biden winning the election may have fired up Bitcoin above US$15000.

The price of Bitcoin may even go much higher when Biden gets elected as US President.

The election is not the only factor to create a positive sentiment as Vitalik Buterin had sent 3200 ETH that worth around $1.4 million to stake on ETH 2.0.

With the founder staking in ETH 2.0, it does definitely give potential stakers as well as traders of ETH a positive reason of the future of ETH.

It is really great to see almost all cryptocurrencies have moved up in prices positively.

With less than US$5000 for the price of Bitcoin to move into US$20 000, many of us may be hoping that it can revisit its peak in 2017 or creating a higher price than its historical peak of 2017.

The market is looking bright at this moment and hopefully the momentum can continue for those who have waited since 2017 to reap a good profit.


Greetings, very good your assessment and the uncertainty in an election is a stimulus for the price of the cryptocurrency, thanks for your knowledge.

You're welcome