DFI Listed On Bittrex

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DFI was listed on Bittrex on 16th October 2020 at 2 p.m. UTC.

DFI has only been launched for about 3 months and the listing on one of the largest exchanges, Bittrex, would allow it to be more accessible to more crypto investors.

The Defi Foundation is established in Singapore under the leadership of Dr Julian Hosp who is holding many incredible portfolios.

Below is the article published by Defi Blockchain to announce this exciting listing.
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We can earn DFI through staking at Cake Defi pool which has an option for the automation of compound interest.

The current staking interest is 42.4% APY which is actually very attractive. I started investing in DFI mainly for staking to earn DFI passively.

With its listing on Bittrex, there is definitely an extra benefit with greater potential for future growth.

We can expect future higher trading volume as well as getting more people to know about DFI through Bittrex.

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