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In the wake of the US Presidential election result, grumpy Donald was displeased and went crazy on social media. The deposed POTUS used all his platforms to chat shit regularly and after numerous warnings from Twitter and other social media outlets, he was suspended from his account.

Naturally, there's been a lot of outrage by his people and while a number of other prominent Trump people have been also banned from Twitter, the majority were left on the centralised social media to spread the word and boy have they been doing a good job. Say what you want about centralised authority but you have to give respect where it's due and Jacky boy is doing a pretty damn good job in keeping the kids busy.

You scroll through Twitter and all you see are people talking about it. In fact, it was such a big deal that the phrase "Trump Ban" trended worldwide for a while yesterday. I know they'll say it is the algorithm or whatever, but it is kinda gangsta when you think about it; they banned one of the most powerful men in the World and then trended the topic, officially making it clearer who has bigger balls, if you were ever in doubt.

Now the next question is will people actually learn? My gut says no, considering how Youtube "crypto influencers" have been pussyfooting about it and prefer going back to their slave masters every time but theirs will come in due time. In the main time, I think that building a platform where people can share short content is the future. I'm aware that Leo was already working on something similar so let's say I'm just throwing in my two cents to some features that I think will make it better.


Focus on People

It should be about the people there, as much as it is about showing the awesome tech. Keep it simple and fun, but at the same time, up to date. Most people don't care about all that crypto talk, so they should first feel comfortable with the tech before you go hard on them.

It's money but not about money

If Twitter has thought us anything, it is that people are more interested in the engagement than money. We've been screaming "make money with your content" for a long time and they're not moved. Just make a place where people can come and post things without feeling the pressure of earning.

Gamify it

Now we can't remove earnings from Hive activities, so to cater for that part, I think the best way would be to make tweets and activities on the app to be Json activities on the chain. Then just like ecency do theirs, you can say people accumulate points from their activities and then get rewarded. However, you have to make sure it isn't solely based on the rewards, to ensure there are more interaction and increased organicness.

No more automation

Finally, and culling from the last point of Json activities(like Splinterlands and other game activities), we have to cut out all those auto votes that come in. In traditional Hive front-end, auto votes exist because people want to automatically support authors and whatnot but on this microblogging platform, we have to make a transparent/what you see is what you get type situation.

I think we should all start afresh and the feeds should be completely different from whatever we see on other front-ends on Hive. It should be a level playing field for everyone to grow their audience from scratch. This way, when new people come around, they won't have to feel left out from the pre-existing clicks that are already there, as in the case with hive.

Also, putting money in the backburner will ensure that we focus on the features that will produce a quality product for people. I believe that if our plan is to compete with Twitter, then we'll have to go harder than we've ever done. We also need to do something different. and go beyond "blog for money". We already have many blog for money options out there, now we need something that will drive real engagement and traffic, enough of all the bot shit.


I guess I agree with your point. People ain't really triggered by the "blog for money" phrase. They literally careless even when they'd love to get the money.

I really hope leo micro blogging covers many grounds of specialty.

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I know Leo always have something dope in their locker, fingers crossed

Fingers Crossed :)

Yes; that's bad.. why are they banning Donald Trump. With Leofinance entering in microblogging platform it should be a solution to all. cheers

Cheers mate

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I am so eager to see mleo.rolling and hoping auto votes won't be available for that app.

It's hard though to have an app that is used by millions and all of them are making money with it.

You need a lot of wealthy investors to do that.

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Thats why we need to shift focus from the money part and just build an app where people can just be people. Nobody joins twitter because of money, they just join because they can tweet.

Good point.

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Hello @belemo.

Excellent post, very good points of view under a critical and constructive perspective, thanks for sharing.

It's an interesting point you make. Getting engagement isn't easy. You can't just post and think, however good your content is, that people will read it. Engagement needs effort and you need to really read, understand and comment on content. Twitter does make that easy.

I do feel a bit unsure about the censoring of Trump though, even though I am in no way a supporter. Just seems that big corp are making decisions about what is right for us. Now they are locking out the Parler app too which the Trump supporters moved to.

I do like as a Twitter alternative on Hive.

Big corporations only care about their business and nothing more. From a business point of view, it might be career suicide or not, who knows? Personally, I'm hoping that after this, people will start realising their Twitter account doesn't belong to them and frankly doesn't hold any value because it is free and very "deleatable". Hopefully this will be enough for people to start looking for alternatives like dbuzz.

However, my issue with Dbuzz is that the posts still show up on my feeds and the usual autovotes come in. I'd prefer a situation where the hive tweets are on a different front-end of sorts, with a level playing field for everyone to grow their account.

However, my issue with Dbuzz is that the posts still show up on my feeds and the usual autovotes come in. I'd prefer a situation where the hive tweets are on a different front-end of sorts, with a level playing field for everyone to grow their account.

It's an interesting point and I do like the thinking. Personally, I think the battle is so hard. There are so many competing platforms at the moment looking at the IM space on blockchain. Uhive, Note etc. It is difficult to see how they grow beyond a niche set of users or those just spamming crap trying to get rewards.

The difficult nut to crack, is rewarding truly good content and encouraging real engagement.

It starts from taking out all the automatic shit from the tweets. All the people that use Twitter and whatnot don't go there because of money, they go there because they want to post shitpost s and don't give a shit about governance. So how about creating a platform that is seemingly unregulated where people can post whatever the hell they want

And are you thinking centralised or decentralised ?

Centralised or decentralized are just name tags tbh. Look at Leo for example; It is centralised but no one's complaining about it 🤷‍♂️. Once you make a solid product that serves it's purpose, no one will care

Sadly, bot accounts will exist forever and even on mainstream social media sites and music streaming sites, I was getting more likes on a recent track I uploaded on Soundcloud than actual listens so I don't think you'll ever get away from them.

As for advertising what Hive and Leo is etc, a proper marketing team who know how that all works is key I reckon. Not focusing on rewards but as a place where there's an active, open and engaging community to share your opinions without getting "cancelled" is probably a better approach now. Strike while the irons hot kinda thing.

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Damn bots are all over the internet. Hell, I use to assume that any account on Twitter that isn't run by someone I don't know is a bot, so I get that. However, there was something very organic on Twitter that we can take to the hive version.

Personally, I think tweets should be on a separate space from blogs. It will make hive have a different layer, where people can post and only read shirt content. Sometimes people just want to sir their feelings and get responses easily. No need for tags, and all that.

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Lol yeah man, the amount of bot followers and accounts I have on FB and Twitter is stupid, puts me off using them really!

Yeah I'd imagine it would be a separate front end for the tweet style posts - quick and easy, tweet it out, away you go. Job done!

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Greetings dear @belemo

In situations like these, centralized platforms make sense, I say this because, this type of action prevents characters like Trump from breaking people's morals. Now, as far as we are concerned as a Web 3.0 platform, it is necessary to balance content about cryptography, and the necessary content that is to the liking of the majority, without automation of votes, and real commitment of users who upload useful publications. Thanks for these reflective lines, we continue reading.

A social network like that was able to do this to the most powerful man on earth, I can not imagine what it does to ordinary people, no doubt a sad story if we remember that the networks were thought to avoid censorship but I can say that the power generated by these centralized networks and the millions who surely paid them to support this current of thought makes the networks a mega business for their owners, no doubt we are not users but the commercial product of these networks.

I agree with this 100% people's opinion shouldn't count for more just because they have more money.

Also, they announced that suspension would be a permanent band. A lot of Trump supporters have moved to Parler and so Amazon have cancelled webhosting for Parler.

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I'm just hoping people would start looking for alternatives and some of that crowd find their way here

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I am totally agree with you. Actually we are thinking that we are the users of these social media sites but in reality we are not. They can do anything they want without our permission. Your contents are not yours in these social media sites.