Bitcoin Crossed 50k$ Mark.. What is Next BTC Move?

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These days there is lots of positivity going on with cryptocurrency prices and Bitcoin is reaching Heights. So far this year 2021 has been great for Bitcoin price movement and it has made another all-time high this week crossing the 51,000 US dollar mark which is great.
There is another news that micro strategy he's buying more bitcoins and their next buyer is going to be for the value of $600 million. Currently, Bitcoin's dominance in the market is almost 62% and in the last 24 hours, it had shown a growth of 5% that made the price crossing $51,000 mark. I believe that the crypto market is influenced by news and any ports to news can take the price quite high and we have seen this happening in this year. Ellen Musk, Grayscale, and MicroStrategy news have played a bigger role in the price appreciation of bitcoins across the world.



Right now the price in Indian currency for one Bitcoin is more than 37 lacs INR and it's a huge amount I must say. Last year in the month of March it was less than four Lac Indian rupees and now it's approaching towards 40 last mark which is 10 times in a year. although there is a lot going on in terms of innovation in the country also there is another news that the government is planning to put some restrictions or bans in cryptocurrencies but there is no clarity or confirmation as of now.



Microstrategy on Tuesday said it intends to offer $600 million aggregate principal amount of convertible senior notes due 2027.



It will not be a surprise if we can see Bitcoin price reaching 60,000 US dollars in coming days or weeks because looking at the current momentum it looks quite possible and now since we are getting so much off positive news so it is expected to happen. anything is possible in the crypto space find last year people were saying that Bitcoin will be hitting the 100K price mark so looks like it will become a reality in few years.
it's difficult to say that it will happen this year but looking at the current speed we can have an expectation to see it reaching 100K USD by next year or by the year 2023.

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Bitcoin will continue to surprise us and drive what is already a fact in the world, the digital economy as a method of free trade and exchange.
The centralized management of personal funds and the assets of nations will gradually become history and the disappearance of currency as a physical thing will become a reality.
Bitcoin is the spearhead of cryptocurrency and like a conquering leader it is dragging behind it all currencies made for this purpose.

Wow... BTC to the moon....
Hive is also showing the uptrend..... I am loving it....

BTC is not going to stop to this now it will sure pump more

The change within the market is very favorable, in fact I have seen how many are also increasing in value. I am recently venturing into BCH and from 100 it is already at 714 $$ is a good price.

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Certainly this beginning of the year has been of constant growth of BTC, bullish behavior that has been associated with the media line around Elon Musk, within the positive news in the cryptocurrency market is also the growth that alternative cryptos have been experiencing. Thank you for sharing this interesting approach. Best regards. We will keep reading.

Still many people not believe in bitcoin. I want to give the credit to elon musk because he is the big players behind all this hype. I hope bitcoin will reach 1$ lakh till the end of year. Thank you so much for your decent post.

This is true that there are many people who still do not believe on Bitcoin but I think that in coming few years things will be in better position and people who are not positive for crypto or Bitcoin will change their thoughts since digital currencies will take over the market and will be available across the world .

It is impossible to predict, but I hope that the values ​​continue to rise.