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We are all faced with the explosion of our mailboxes. According to a study in 2020, employees are saturated with emails to be dealt with most often in an emergency. 65% say they check their email every hour, but many actually do so every five minutes!


Faced with this flow, we are not all equal. For the employee who receives more than 100 emails per day (more than 38%), it is clear that the way he manages them will have a direct influence on the quality of his work.

I have known managers who kept their eyes on their emails all the time. I have known others who hovered over them, stacked them, left them to rot and then ended up disposing of them in bulk. Finally, I have met others, less numerous it is true, better organized or more disciplined, who approached this time-consuming activity with method and efficiency.

Communicate with measure
Send, receive, forward a message, a meeting report, a call for tenders, a request for information; attach a file, a schedule, an illustration… so many uses of electronic messaging that make it easier and faster to communicate.

Yes, but ! Behind these simple tasks are hidden risks of abuses which weigh more and more heavily on the quality of work and the daily life of companies:

lost time (more than 2 hours per day for 56% of users),
primacy of urgency and snapshot (an email can upset priorities)
information overload (too much info kills info),
depersonalization of relationships (you send an email to your neighbor rather than talking to him),
deconcentration (it takes more than 1 min to refocus after an interruption; do the count: 100 emails = 100 min stolen at work),
aggressiveness (responding hot to a reproachful email helps to ignite the debate rather than appease it)
stress (American studies have shown that the constant back-and-forth between multiple screens increases heart rate and anxiety).

Their will be another part that will be published tomorrow with more tips.

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Emails can be a headache for anyone, especially if you don't organize your mailbox well because they come from everywhere and without stopping and reading them all means investing a lot of time. Junk mails multiply and make you lose the important ones. There must be better filters for these tools because they are so free that even those that are not sent arrive. @tipu curate 2