Affiliate Marketing Campaign: Change of Tactics

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Dear Hivers

As I go along with this Affiliate Marketing Campaign, I am beginning to see how broad and extensive it is. I’ve learned that there is more in affiliate marketing than just by integrating affiliate links in my blog. Keyword research, niche selection, and Search Engine Optimization, this is becoming very overwhelming for me. I’m not losing hope though, I will take it one step at a time. I will keep you updated, dear readers (if I have any), to all of my failures and progress towards my quest in gaining the grasps towards making wealth through affiliate marketing.


Regarding the previous Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign I have conducted few days ago, I think that was a very careless, newbie move (I just can’t get away of such a newbie status). Engaging on something new without gaining sufficient knowledge is a sign of stupidity, does that make me one stupid jerk? I have no regrets though. I take every failures an opportunity to learn something new, take it as advantage, rather than a disadvantage.

No doubt, my PPC campaign is a complete failure, getting 18 clicks for $27 with zero (0) leads. I don’t know the policies regarding PPC campaigns that’s why I was surprised on how expensive it was. I used Bidvertiser. I really don’t know if the system of Bidvertiser or my own choice of Affiliate programs to promote is at fault.

The failure of my previous PPC campaign didn’t stopped me in continuing my Affiliate Marketing. With a very tight budget for this project, I turned to Project Wonderful to promote my affiliates. Comparing to my Bidvertiser campaign, this one is far too inexpensive. I got 30+ clicks with 70000+ pageviews with this campaign, in addition, I got a few sign up for my affiliate. For how much?? I didn’t spend a dollar, it just cost me less than $.50. One thing though, I don’t think the lead results is incomparable with my Bidvertiser campaign because I used another affiliate program, but I think I’m gonna stick with Project Wonderful. What’s good about project wonderful, aside from an inexpensive advertising is that you can control lots of factors in your advertising campaign.

I also used forums to extend my affiliate marketing. I took advantage of a small online money making forum and got a very surprising results. Got a descent number of referrals, enough to say that I’m somewhat successful on that part. It really surprised me how responsive such small forum was.

So these are the tactics that I will use in my current affiliate marketing campaigns:

I will be maximizing the benefits of Project Wonderful. I will study the most converting combinations of factors to take the most out of my campaigns.

I will keep on searching for responsive forums. Small forums are my target.

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Hello @adityajainxds
I have been at some point interested in Affiliate Marketing, however, I have not spent time researching it, perhaps I will do so later.
It's good to know that you already have some results.
Despite some mistakes, they are normal in everything we do, whoever doesn't venture into new things to avoid mistakes would be making a big mistake of their own.
Good luck on that project.

hi dear @adityajainxds
What a good topic, I also did a PPC campaign on facebook and it went well at first and then not so much, I wanted to try again but now that you mentioned this wonderful project I will review it, thank's for share

P.D. in this community in PH you will always have readers my friend