The Curation Trail Trap

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When you can't dedicate a lot of time to your hive account or if you don't want to look for content to curate, you can automatise your upvotes using the platform

On you can either set automatic upvotes on authors or you can follow a curation trail.

What is a curation trail?

When you follow a curation trail, you replicate the voting activity of a certain account that you follow. Let's say you follow the curation trail of the account A. Each time account A gives an upvote, your account will also give an automatic upvote. This is a great way to automatise your upvoting activity but there is a trap hidden in there.

mind the Trap...

What is the curation trail trap?

When you follow a curation trail, you have different settings that allow you to do so. You can either follow the account A in a manner that is called scaled. Let's say you set it to 50%. When account A votes with 100%, you will vote with 50%. In a way you delegate the setting of the voting weight to account A. The problem is when you follow a bigger account than you are...

Let's say account A has 1000 HP but you have only 200 HP. If the account A decides to vote with only 50%, he will upvote with 500 HP. If you have put your voting scaled at 100%, you will also vote with 50%. This means that your upvote will be worth 100 HP and you will probably get no curation rewards because you will be under the threshold to get curation rewards!

This is what I call the curation trail trap

How to avoid the curation trail trap?

The best way to avoid this trap is to use a fixed voting weight in your settings. Calculate that your upvote will be worth at least 100 or 150 HP. If you have less than 150 HP, always put it at 100%. Each time the account A will vote, you will set an upvote with 100% and will be therefore above the threshold to get curation rewards.

The second setting is to limit the automatic upvotes in respect to your voting mana threshold. In your dashboard on set it to 85 or 90%. If account A sets 16 upvotes at 50%, you will vote only until this mana threshold has been reached. Afterwards the curation trail will be paused until you regain enough mana. Like that you protect your upvoting mana from dropping too low.

For me what is important is to get a maximum of curation rewards. It doesn't really matter that my account votes on every post that account A votes. I want to be sure that all my upvotes are above the threshold and that my mana doesn't run out. If you put a high mana threshold, it also leaves space for manual upvotes and like that you can combine automatic and manual curation.

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Hi @achim03

Your evil smile when you started saying "I would like to talk to you about CURATION TRAIL TRAP" ... you should start laughing like a mad person, to make it look more evil hahaha :)

Yours, Piotr

Hahaha, it's true when I look at it again it would quite fit the situation 😂.

By the way, on 3speak they offer the possibility to put a beneficiary now. So I've put project.hope (instead of ph-fund) at 25% but it seems it didn't work...

Have a nice week-end!

Indeed @achim03

It seem that it didnt work ;(

Nice touch you're explaining. Most people I know, including myself, fall into that trap because they want to join more healing projects. Aside from the benefit of the healing reward. I'm thinking of the little fish. But when the reward becomes important, you have to take that advice seriously.

It often sounds great to follow curation trails. We should take care however not to split our votes too much because otherwise we might stay below the curation rewards threshold. Thanks a lot for your comment!

excellent recommendations, I usually set my hp limit to 90and so far I have had good results. Too it is important not to follow many trails because this may not offer the best performance in my opinion.

You are right about that, it doesn't bring much to follow to many curation trails because you can give only so many upvotes a day. I set it normally at 85 or 90% so I can still give some manual upvotes.

Thanks for your commment!

today I learned this very imp. things about no curation rewards if hp is below 100
something a lot of us do not pay heed to and lose out on curation rewards

I've been loosing curation rewards for a long time because of this trap. When I look at the curation trail votes, I see so many people who vote with less than 30%. If they don't have at least 400 HP, they won't earn any curation rewards at all.

This is a very nice explanation about the curation trail and how to use them, but also, how to earn better curation rewards...

Fixed voting weight is a nice solution for accounts that have a low amount of Hive Power...

I'm sure this will help a lot of people! Thanks for doing this tutorial...

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@thisisawesome Moderator

This post is AWESOME!

It will therefore get a manual 100% upvote from @thisisawesome (will be done today), for the Awesome Daily Highlights in category CTPtalk, we give out 1 such vote in that category per day, plus 4 more in other categories, and your post will also be featured in today's Awesome Daily Curation report for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


Thanks a lot for your amazing curation efforts my friend! It's always a great pleasure to see this gif below my posts :-)

Every your post deserves this GIF bellow, but I have to think about "spreading the love" on others, too :)

You are doing a great job spreading the love my friend!

This is a great video @achim03! I bookmarked so I can watch this again & make sure I am on the optimal settings for the 2 curation trails I am in. It is much appreciated the way you broke everything down where we can see where to go & HOW to do it.

Have an awesome day, my friend! 😊💜

Thanks a lot for your kind feed-back @pixiepost! I wish you a very nice day as well :-)

Thanks for this clear explanation. On my main account my curation apr was very low. I had set it to 30% and was often below the threshold.

Now that I’ve put it back to 40% I see it going up daily.

The important thing is to differentiate this percentage according to the fashion that a curation trail is followed:

  • scale : 50% -> If A votes with 30%, you will vote with 15%
  • fixed : 50% -> If A votes with whathever percentage, you will vote at 50%.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Yeah, I have it always set to fixed.

The entire curation system on Hive when you think about it makes very little sense and is just too ridiculous for words. It's all about (auto) upvoting posts that get close to reaching the linear reward curve (big accounts) since your upvotes are literally worth more on those and/or upvoting posts where you know more votes will come in later on. Also giving full votes tends to bring about higher curation rewards.

Doing anything else will pretty much kill your curation rewards. I recently restructured my own auto-upvotes pretty much removing all support to really small guys and my yearly curation appreciation is increasing from 7%-8% to 12%-14%.

If anything, the new system with non-linear post rewards does succeed in preventing abuse but it conveniently made it so that more rewards go to the big guys and the ones who start out are without chance unless they get picked up by the curation groups.

The reward curve indeed profits the big accounts. The best curation rewards can be reached if you vote at 4.5 minutes and if the post sums up above 20 USD at payout day. It's not surprising when you think that these changes were implemented by the witnesses...

Not to talk about the free downvotes which allow the big accounts to make rewards flow back into the reward pool which conveniently gets redistributed most to the highest rewarded posts. Guess who those posts belong to :-)

I really like the potential of Hive, but right now as an investment it just sucks and there is no reason this will change anytime soon with the current system in place. I really hope things will evolve more toward a proof of stake algorithm with resource credits and advertisement revenue giving the tokens value.

The only solution in my eyes is to become big enough to be on the profiting side... lol...

Very informative.
Thankyou for bringing such an amazing post to our eyes.

Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

@achim03 first of all I like to start with this saying every coin has two sides. So Curation trail have both positive and negative effects. Yes I agree with your research. But we Curation trail is most helpful for those persons who cannot regularly visit the blog this will give them small passive income.

Thanks a lot for your comment. It is definitely a great tool for people who don't have enough time to read posts themselves.

I feel this is truly very educational to and very important knowledge.
It gives hope even to the small account holders that this is one of the better places to start and grow their account.

Sometimes people forget that we all started small and that it takes some time to build a big account. I'm happy that this post can give hope to smaller accounts ;-)

I could surely use that info . However it would be great if you could explain how to pick up the best curation trails

There are litteraly hundreds of curation trails available and it's difficult to define which ones are the best because it depends on the time of voting. I will probably write a post about it later on ;-)