The Threshold you need to cross!

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When you are on hive and you want to progress there is a very important threshold that stands in your way. It's the threshold that prevents you from earning curation rewards.

I don't know whether you are aware of it but we have a new amazing tool at our disposition. It is by the makers of leofinance.

Thanks to this tool, I managed to compare the curation rewards of several accounts quite precisely. I checked the curation rewards of the last 30 days and compared it with the Hive Power of the account. This allowed me to draw the graph below. It shows the evolution of the return of curation rewards according to the size of the account. Here the different accounts that I have analysed:

Account sizeCuration rewards of last 30 daysROI for 1 Year
220 HP2.41 Hive13.14%
130 HP1.29 Hive11.9%
20 HP0.01 Hive0.6%
30 HP0.04 Hive1.6%
1100 HP12.46 Hive13.6%
6739 HP87.75 Hive15.6%

The graph shows that the curation rewards are almost non existant for accounts below 100 HP. This is quite true because I remember very well that when I reached 100 HP, I started to see some small rewards from curation.


We can also read form here that once this threshold is crossed, the return on investment is between 11 and 16% which is quite amazing. Among these accounts the return can fluctuate because of time of voting and many other factors but I think it's safe to say that you can count with 11% ROI with curation rewards. The amazing part is that these curation rewards are paid daily so that you can add the compound interests effect.

Another important point is that the bigger your account, the more you effectively earn from curation. The biggest account made 87.75 Hive in one month just from curation! This is around 3 Hive per day. Imagine if you have an account with 50'000 HP (orca status). You would make around 460 Hive per month just from curation (at 11% return)!

If you want to grow on Hive, the first step is to reach the threshold of 100 Hive so that you can start to earn curation rewards. From there your account will grow faster and faster.

Set your goals! Take part in the #MyHiveGoals challenge (check out the initial post)

Here are my Hive goals that I set on june 4th 2020

TokenNumber of staked tokens todayPercentage reachedTarget Number
Hive Power313562%5000
CTP Tokens502750%10000

Here the standings as per today june 10th 2020

TokenNumber of staked tokens todayPercentage reachedTarget Number
Hive Power325865%5000
CTP Tokens617761%10000

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Interesting analysis!

Thanks for stopping by!

Great post, Achim...

I have accumulated (and invested a bit) a nice chunk of HivePower and I was checking ROI stats trying to make that number as much bigger as I can... There are a couple of problems regarding that, but I don't want to make this too long... just a few short sentences... (my personal experience and my 2cents about this)

  • If you are trying to catch high ROI, you will probably go for automatic upvotes, which is great, but... Doing that you will not upvote some of the great articles that you manually find and like, just to not ruin your ROI...
  • If you have lower amount of HP ( I would say less than 500), you have to watch out about the % of your upvotes... if they are too low, your earnings from curation can be too small and go to dust (you will not receive any)...

Personally, I'm trying to combine a couple of things... I have joined 1 curation trail and limit my upvotes there, I upvote posts manually that I find interesting.. and I upvote great comments also, but if I'm sure that the author will receive something from it (more than $0.02 upvote)... oh yes, and I upvote a lot of comments with my account where I have a lot of CTP tokens staked and it can make a difference... :)

Maybe I should put all that I have written into blog post? :)

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This is Awesome Content, and it will be manually curated with an upvote of 65% from @thisisawesome (will be done today), and it will also be included in our Awesome Daily Curation report in category Awesome CTP Curation for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


Thanks a lot for your amazing comment my friend and yes it might be worth to write a whole post about it ;-).

I had also wanted to try to reach a maximal ROI with curation but I faced the same obstacles as you. I follow two curation trails and I also have other accounts that work 100% on auto upvotes. With my main account I try to keep a certain percentage for manual upvoting. I've stopped to upvote comments with my main account because with around 3'000 HP, you need almost a 80% upvote to reach the 0.02 level. Below that, comment upvotes can't generate any income for the person who gets the upvote and it's kind of wasted.

Honestly our strategies are almost identical. I'm building my ctp account for upvoting comments. Like that the author of the comment get a real value when I put an upvote even at 20%. I tend to upvote more comments in the ctp tribe ;-)

Honestly our strategies are almost identical. I'm building my ctp account for upvoting comments. Like that the author of the comment get a real value when I put an upvote even at 20%. I tend to upvote more comments in the ctp tribe ;-)

Yup... doing the same thing... I am aware that it will not bring the maximum ROI, but I will push some people up by upvoting their comments... Maybe they will remember that in the future when they become whales... lol... Long-long-long-term planning... 😂

One big thing that we haven't really pointed out about the dolphin swarm is that the minnows will also progress much faster in such a place. Thanks to such attitudes where bigger accounts upvote comments from smaller users this actually brings everybody along. I believe it's much better to help others than just to optimize our ROI ;-)

that's my long-term investment plan :) Help others so they can help you... :)

Gracias por esta publicación. Me colocaré como meta alcanzar y superar el umbral del los 100 HP

Hola @garybilbao,
Alcanzar 100 HP es la verdadera primera meta que hay que ponerse. No es la meta mas facil. Despues puedes grecer mas rapido. Gracias por el commentario!

very good report !, thanks to you I found out about , and what you show is very useful. Now the thing it's like reaching 100 HP, could you give us some tips (or make a post), offering us recommendations to reach that goal as quickly / effectively as possible?thank you very much for your always interesting contributions.

Hi @reinaldoverdu,
Thanks a lot for your comment. I think that reaching the first 100HP is actually the most difficult goal to reach. I will try to come up with a strategy and make a post about it ;-). Thanks a lot for your suggetion!

Best regards,

nice article , good insight.

Thanks for the feed-back!