How to reward people for commenting your posts on hive

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Some time ago, before HF 21 on steem, it was possible to give upvotes to people when they gave comments that you liked. After HF 21, the reward curve that was implemented made these upvotes almost worthless. Unless you have several thousand Steem Power, the upvotes on comments didn't manage the get over the payout threshold.

Giving normal upvotes to comments is not an option

Today on hive, it is very difficult to show your thankfulness to somebody who gave a nice comment to your post. Of course, you can give him a nice answer to his comment but this is about it. If you upovte the comments, you more or less waste your voting power because the upvote will be worth close to nothing and neither you nor the person who wrote the comment, will get anything out of it.

In communities on hive there is a real demand for more interaction on posts. So how can we encourage people to comment more and better, and how can we reward them? I would like to present you a way to do it. It's a concept that I've copied from other people some time ago and it. For specific reasons this concept can now be used again on Hive.

The recipe to reward people for interacting with your posts

There are two communities on Hive that have already been among the most actives on Steem. Both have made the transition and they are now completely on Hive. I speak about the tribes leofinance and ctp. Both tribes have their own tokens that are traded on Hive-engine.

Step 1 – Create special accounts

I've created an account achim03.ctp and an account achim03.leo. I've delegated a couple of HP to these accounts so that they are working properly. Over time, I had collected some CTP tokens and some Leo tokens. I sent these tokens to the respective accounts that I have created and staked all these tokens.

My account achim03.ctp has CTP token staked and the account achim03.leo has some leo staked

Step 2 – Using these special accounts to upvote comments

When I write a post about affiliate marketing, I will use the ctp tag in my post. This means that the post itself and also the comments, will be generating ctp tokens. When I get nice comments to such posts, I will give a strong upvote with my achim03.ctp account. Since the reward curve for these tokens is different, my upvote will be really visible for the author of the comment and he will earn ctp tokens that he can stake or exchange on Hive-engine into hive. Ctp tokens can also be used on many traffic websites as mode of payment. In addition to that, I will also earn curation rewards on these upvotes if I have enough staked tokens.

If I write a post that is relevant to leofinance, I will do the same with the achim03.leo account.

The advantage for me is that I can give upvotes that actually carry some value. In addition to that I have 10 full upvotes per day at my disposition and when I use these accounts, I don't lower the voting power of my main account.

What are the risks of this strategy?

Well, there are some risks and maybe not the most obvious ones. A little potpourri of some funny mistakes that I have made:

The cpt error

Once I wrote what I thought to be a nice post about affiliate marketing but unfortunately I managed to put a spelling mistake in the tag of the post. Instead of ctp, I put cpt. The result was that my post was not visible on and also it didn't earn any ctp tokens. Unfortunately I've realized my error only when the post was paid out already...

Messing around with accounts

It's nice when you want to give upvotes with these special accounts but it's even more important to be concentrated and to know which is your active account of the moment. If you jump from one account to the other with keychain for upvotes and answering comments, it can become quite tricky. When you suddenly realize that you have given full upvotes with your main account and that you have commented with the special account, you might bang your head on your desk...

Mix up the blockchains

Well this is like to put your trousers over your head. Since I've created these special accounts before the hive/steem fork, I have them on both blockchains. One day I managed to answer and upvote comments with these accounts on the wrong blockchain...

You see the risks are there but maybe your concentration is better than mine and you won't fall into these tricky traps ;-)

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Hi, nice tips. What about CC token, do they moved? They were givind tokens for comments when you used CC tag (and staked 100 CC tokens).

I've found the CCC token on hive-engine but I don't know whether they are full on hive yet.

Its CC the one with rewarding for comments (CommentCoin). I can see it on SteemEngine still so probably not migrated (or not yet).

Very good information, but I have questions: How do those who do not have enough to create another account? What if you are new and have no idea?. I find your advice very positive and really every time I can.i try to acquire leo, and also ltc pegged.

Hi @reinaldoverdu
Thanks a lot for your comment. I believe that for new users this is a tricky thing to do because there is really a lot to learn on this platform and dealing with tribes is probably not the least complicated aspect. There are however possibilities to create new accounts. If you have enough RC, you can create a free account using If you don't have enough RC, you can buy one with 3 Hive only. It takes only minutes to do.

As you have probably noticed, I'm doing exactly that thing... :) Got a nice amount of CTP tokens and usually upvote people with min 8-10 CTP, and max 50-60 CTP tokens... which can be in $0.10-$1 range... I know that my main account can't make some difference with Hive upvotes, but the .ctp account can...

And regarding mixing up the account, I'm using different tabs and logins.. for example, I write this reply on the Peakd (always logged with the main account), and upvoting on the CTPTalk where I'm logged in with .ctp account... ;)

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This post is AWESOME!

It will therefore get a manual 100% upvote from @thisisawesome (will be done today), for the Awesome Daily Highlights in category CTPtalk, we give out 1 such vote in that category per day, plus 4 more in other categories, and your post will also be featured in today's Awesome Daily Curation report for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


For a certain time, I'had forgotten about this way to encourage people to comment on my posts because I was rather posting on hive and ctp and leo were still on steem. Now that they are on Hive, it's a great way to show appreciation to people who comment my post. I believe that I learned this way of doing from you ;-).

Thanks for the tip with the platforms. I think this might avoid some errors ;-)

I believe that I learned this way of doing from you ;-).

...and I have learned it from someone else on the chain... that's how this "community thing" rolls... :) We learn from each other...

and tip with platforms can confuse you a couple of times... (posting with wrong account... lol), but it gets better with time... and it works OK for me... ;)


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Thank you for the invitation... I have joined on the Hive!

Replying the comment is one of the reward. Reward with vote is a plus but when I comment in a post then get replied, I feel very respected because commenting is two way communication channel in social media like in hive, whatever will be voted or not.

Hi @lebah,
Thank you very much for your comment. I believe that what you say is the most important aspect on hive if we want to grow. I think that we really need to answer every comment on our posts as a sign of recognition to the person who took the time to read our post and commented it. If we can give an upovte with a little value, this will incite people to leave comments in the future and it's a nice way to grow your relationships on this platform.

ha ha ha
if friend @achim03, having several accounts can be somewhat complex, it can lend itself to confusion.
This is an important point, because voting comments may not be profitable at all, and as you say, you vote voting power and nothing remains for the user who commented. Unless you have a lot of voting power and it's not the reality of the majority. I think that over time some options will come up, like tribal or community specific tokens to solve this.
Maybe another option would be to comment and leave something like: "as a thank you for your comment i will vote for your last post",i can think of something like that.

Thanks for your comment @josevas217. I think that at the moment the easiest way is to use tribes to give some reward for nice comments. I gave you for example a 100% upvote to this comment with my @achim03.ctp account. It's worth about 1.7 CTP token and I think the author reward will be 60%. With actual prices for the CTP, you would get around 0.03 Hive with this upvote. Which is better than a Hive upvote I believe.

Unless you had 100,000 hp ha ha
Thanks for the vote. I do not know that tribe, not yet which tribes are active in the Hive, I will investigate, to see what are the issues of technology, science, because it is another good income. If you know of another one, I appreciate the information.

Dear @achim03

I've been very curious what you came up with. I'm always seeing ideas of boosting engagement within PH community.

Since the reward curve for these tokens is different

Is reward curve on tribes different?

Solid read. Upvoted already,
Yours, Piotr

Is reward curve on tribes different?

I'm not 100% sure whether the reward curve is different. Practically speaking, I have around 2900 ctp staked on this account and when I give an upvote, this represents a value of 1.7 ctp. The one who comments gets 60% of that, so around 1 ctp. When you exchange that into hive it's around 0.03 hive. When I upvote with my main account, because of the reward curve, it will be worth less than 0.02 hive and it won't even get a pay out. It's not a perfect solution but I think it's better than nothing ;-)

Thanks a lot for your comment and the upvote!

Best regards,

Thanks for this as I always upvote comments on my posts no matter how small. How about tipping will that be useless as well? I kind of find creating other account a bit too much for me.

Hi @joetunex,
Thanks a lot for your comment. There is always the possibility to simply make a memo transfer to the user who wrote the comment but I think that this is a bit complicated since you can't be sure that the author of the comment will actually se it.

Yes that's true and a good option. Above all thanks for this post i will stick to voting on posts now.

Awesome read there. I have been laughing with myself here reading the later part of the post, really funny.

It's important to be able to reward those who engage your post with comments and I'll say your strategy is powerful.

Thanks for sharing man.

Hi @uyobong, Thanks a lot for your comment. I believe it's an interesting strategy but it can lead to confusion as you have seen ;-)