How to kickstart your Hive Adventure

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For small accounts on Hive, it can be quite a challenge to get out of this status and to grow. When you have less than 25 Hive Power staked on your account, you will have difficulties to use your account properly because your resources credits will be used quickly. Until you reach 100 HP, you will not be able to earn curation rewards, rewards for upvoting other people's post, simply because your account is too small.

To enjoy Hive in the best way, you need to grow your account

To be able to use this amazing blockchain properly and to profit from all income potentials, it is paramount to grow as fast as possible and to reach 100 or more Hive Power.

However, when you have been active on this platform you might have realised that it's actually quite difficult to grow. You write comments, posts and they make just a couple of cents. It can be frustrating and many give up at this stage.

In this post I want to give you an idea how you can grow your account faster by using tribes.

What are tribes?

When you create a Hive account, you actually get the keys to plenty of websites and services. With your hive account you can post on, or You can post videos on or You can play splinterlands or dcity.

What many people don't know is that you also get access to Hive-Engine. Hive-Chain hosts plenty of different tokens that run on a side chain of Hive. With your hive account, you can log in and buy/sell tokens on the integrated exchange. If you want you can even create your own token!

For some of these Hive-engine tokens, you have so called tribes that run their own condenser. These are websites that are running on Hive but using these tribe tokens. When you post on these condensers, not only will you earn Hive but you will also earn the token of these tribes.

Why use hive-engine tribes?

When you post or comment on Hive, your post or comment needs to reach a value of 0.02$ to reach a payout. At the beginning this is quite difficult to reach. So you might post tons of content and half of your posts won't reach that threshold. Also somebody needs about 2000 HP to give you an upvote on a comment on Hive so that the value of the comment reaches 0.02$. Therefore a lot of people don't upvote comments on Hive and you can't earn much from interacting with others.

On the Hive-engine tribes this is quite different. As long as your post generates some value, you will get a payout in the tribe token. So you won't work for nothing. The same is valid for upvoting comments. Since there is no threshold to reach with tribes, people give upvotes much more frequently. Many users have created accounts specialised on the tribe tokens. They stake the tribe tokens on these accounts and use them to upvote comments on their posts.

On tribes you will be able to reach a payout much easier and you might be rewarded for engaging through comments on other people's posts.

Grow in a tribe, before you grow on Hive

Of course when you don't have 25 HP, you might be limited in your actions because of resource credits but being active in a tribe has a lot of advantages. A tribe is a limited environment and you might bump into the same people again and again. You will be able to build relationships easier because the number of actors is smaller.

When you grow within the tribe, you will actually also grow on Hive without realising it. You will earn hive rewards together with the tribe token rewards.

How to start within a tribe

Find out the influencers within the tribe and follow them, comment their posts and learn from them. Not only will you understand how things work but you will also get rewarded for your comments through upvotes in the tribe token.

When you earn tribe tokens, make sure that you stake a big part of it so that you grow your influence within these tribes. When your upvotes get value, you can actually start to earn curation rewards in the tribe coins and grow even faster. Also the other tribe members will look at you differently if your upvote can bring them value...

There are however some rules to respect when you post within these tribes. They concentrate often around certain topics and it might be a good idea to respect this.

Once you have a certain account size in your tribe, you can start to sell a part from your tokens and buy Hive with it. You can then power this Hive up to grow faster on Hive.

Tribes with their own websites (condensers)

WebsiteCoinNumber of HoldersTag

This post has been inspired by a comment of my friend @reinaldoverdu

Let's conect on Hive, Lbry or on Publish0x

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Awesome post, my friend, and great tips for newcomers! It is hard to start, and that is the hardest period where is "filtering" done... If you want to succeed, you have to push through that period... All of us have started from zero...

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It's almost two years ago I started but I still remember how disapointing it was not getting anywhere ;-). Fortunately I'm quite persistant and stuborn so that I'm still around today. I'm very happy I didn't give up then ;-)

We all had that period of time... It's not that now we earn millions... lol... We are now more "aware" how things are working and we have lowered our expectations... lol...

It's not that now we earn millions

Not yet ;-).

I believe the fast track is to buy directly 100 Hive!

That's the fast lane! Of course if people have the necessary funds and are willing to invest into something new, then buying 100 Hive is by far the easiest way ;-)

Great post @achim03, the truth these recommendations will go a long way for those who are starting, I must add that in addition to quickly reaching 100 HP as they work in the tribes, they will learn or focus on specific topics, that is to say they will leave becoming specialists in certain subjects. This type of publication is really valuable and I congratulate you!

Thank you very much for the mention, for me It means a lot that my comments are inspirational and that serve as motive for people to make great posts how is it going! 👍

they will learn or focus on specific topics, that is to say they will leave becoming specialists in certain subjects.

You point out something very important here. When starting on Hive, people have the freedom to write about whatever they want. In order to progress, it's a good idea to concentrate on a certain field. Tribes can help in this respect.

Thanks a lot for asking questions and for inspiring this post ;-)

Do not forget to join the discord channels of the tribes that you are in posting.
It help you to interact and understand the tribe better.

Nice post Achim.

That's a very good point. In the discord channels of the tribes there is often a post promotion section where you can post your links.

Thanks for stopping by!

Great post Achim, and yes growing in a tribe to start with is usually both easier and more rewarding than growing in Hive, though there is one thing above all else that gets you to earn Hive faster than anything else if you are a small account, that is to make videos on 3speak or Dtube, but you do need to add value and be consistent with it, keep up your awesome work.

Hi @flaxz, thanks a lot for your comment. This is absolutely true especially when you are lucky and you get a big upvote of 3speak for example.

Yeah the thing is there are some really big curation projects that supports videos too, and they matter even more.

I better participate more in those highlighted tribes otherwise i have been a bit reluctant on them. I have accumulated a few of their coins. The challenges is that Some one has to accumulate a big pile of them in order to have some value.

Thanks so much for sharing

I think the best is to find one of these tribes, the one that fits most your interests and to be active in it. Like that you will create relationships and will accumulate the coin on the way.

Great post @achim03. It is very hard for new people coming to the blockchain to get rolling good do to the lack of recourse credits. This is good information for new people just getting started to move forward.

The first steps are the most difficult ones I believe and it can be decisive whether somebody continues on Hive or not. I see for example that within the CTP tribe, people progress quite a lot and stay on the platform. The reason is that the community is amazing and it encourages people to share and persevere. It's difficult to have the same experience outside of a tribe I believe. Thanks a lot for your comment!

Thanks for this post @achim03 - this is invaluable information for new people on the blockchain

The tribe tokens are definitely worth accumulating and exchanging if needed for HIVE
although I don't convert my CTP Tokens at all especially as I can use them for purchasing power

Thanks a lot for your comment! The great thing about CTP is that it has real use cases. You can buy traffic or memberships on a number of websites. I think for CTP the best strategy is to keep staking them.

Very useful post (with some nice tips). It will certainly help many people.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Excellent post. Some good tips for me to implement. Appreciate your effort.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

I’ve recently started focusing more on my curation and tribes have definitely helped me out big time. It’s way easier to find content to interact with on here than on all of peakd. Great post though. Tribes are highly underrated!

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

I totally agree that within Hive Tribes are underrated. The tribes still have a slightly negative connotation because people remember the chaos with the steem-engine tokens. I believe that the tribes that made the jump over to hive are really doing a good job and they can really help small and big users to progress faster and to create relationships.
Thanks a lot for stopping by.

Your post reminds me of my early days on blockchain. It was really hard to keep going when you put your effort and you hardly saw any rewards. There were many familiar faces and I don't see them anymore.

Glad that I'm here. Than you so much @achim03 for giving these useful tips.

You joined even before I did;-). I consider myself quite an oldtimer of the blockchain but I can remember very well how I struggled at the beginning. Congratulations to both of us for having persevered and not given up ;-).

Thanks a lot for your comment!

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Hello my dear @achim03, thanks for sharing this post.

This topic is very educational, I really think it will be very useful not only for newcomers, but also for some who already have time on the platform and cannot find a way to grow in the ecosystem.

Thanks friend!

Thanks a lot for your comment!